Release highlights

Gain Warehouse and Manufacturing Efficiency

From the NetSuite Supply Chain Management mobile app perform multiple functions with ease by changing roles between NetSuite WMS, QMS, Manufacturing Mobile, Smart Count, and Ship Central. Assign pickers to multiple pick tasks with NetSuite WMS to improve productivity. Compare shipping rates between multiple carriers in NetSuite Ship Central. Scan GS1 barcodes with NetSuite Smart Count.

Drive Smart Financials and Operational Excellence

NetSuite Account Reconciliation standardizes and automates the complex process of reconciling all balance sheet accounts for a faster financial close. NetSuite AP Automation now allows users to submit and approve payments in batches with flexible approval routing options. Added intelligence in NetSuite Bill Capture categorizes bills by subsidiaries based on historical data and similar bills.

Empower and Engage Employees

Maximize your ERP investment by helping users quickly learn how to use NetSuite features. NetSuite Guided Learning provides interactive guides that allow users to learn key processes while in their flow of work within NetSuite. Guided Learning also connects users to additional learning resources such as on-demand Learning Cloud Support training, SuiteAnswers, and the NetSuite Support Community.

Release process

New features and functionality are released automatically to all NetSuite accounts twice a year — and most of them are free. Check out how the update process works.

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Hear conversations from NetSuite product experts as they go deep into details on key features and enhancements in NetSuite 2023 Release 2.

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Feature overview

Smart Financials and Operational Excellence

  • NetSuite Account Reconciliation automates the entire reconciliation process for the general ledger, eliminating the need to download data from source systems, aggregate details in spreadsheets, manually review account balances, and use complex formulas to match and reconcile. Instead, all these processes are centralized in a single workspace.
  • Enhanced machine learning capabilities in NetSuite Bill Capture now intelligently categorizes expenses based on historical data, suggesting subsidiaries based on similar past bills.
  • The SaaS Metrics Dashboard provides a single, easy-to-understand view of essential metrics like annual recurring revenue (ARR), monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and churn rate and a 12-month rolling forecast that projects revenue given your current customer base.
  • Updates to the Cash 360 Dashboard provides consolidated, cross-subsidiary, and single-subsidiary views of your company’s metrics and cash position.

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Warehouse and Manufacturing Efficiency

  • From the NetSuite Supply Chain Management mobile app workers can change roles between NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS), Quality Management System (QMS), Manufacturing Mobile, Smart Count, and Ship Central directly within the app so they can perform multiple functions without interruption.
  • Supervisors can assign or reassign pickers to multiple pick tasks using the new Bulk Pick Assignment feature in NetSuite WMS.
  • Now, you can use NetSuite Ship Central to shop for the best shipping rate, generate international shipping and return labels, and perform advanced weight cost calculations based on your company’s averages and carton tare weights.
  • When using NetSuite Smart Count, operators can now scan GS1 GTIN advanced barcodes.

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Business Intelligence

  • NetSuite Analytics Warehouse delivers more ready-to-use metrics, giving faster access to insights by eliminating the need to manually join datasets and apply complex calculations.
  • The new NetSuite Analytics Warehouse dashboard layout creates a more intuitive user experience to quickly access key metrics and build analyses for sharing across the organization.
  • Have greater flexibility in scheduling the frequency and time of refreshes to their financial and sales data in NetSuite Analytics Warehouse.

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Empower and Engage Employees

  • A new learning resource, NetSuite Guided Learning, delivers in-application learning – providing step-by-step guidance embedded in NetSuite to help educate employees about system functionality and features.
  • NetSuite Guided Learning offers contextual, on-demand guidance inside your NetSuite instance for specific tasks and features — like customizing dashboards, working with reports, managing leads or activities through pre-built lists and KPIs, and more.
  • Access additional learning and support resources from many guides, including NetSuite MyLearn, SuiteAnswers and the NetSuite Support Community.
  • New activity log in the NetSuite Mobile App displays all interactions with a customer, up to 100 transaction and CRM records within a 4-week period, in a single view.

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