Partner Support A SuiteLife Component

Providing post-enablement, implementation assistance to our Solution Providers and Alliance Partners

As a NetSuite Partner, ensuring your customers have the right solution they need to run their business is essential. Whether you encounter complex issues during NetSuite implementations or simply have general questions, NetSuite’s Support program provides you the assistance you need, when you need it.

Advanced Partner Support (APS) provides you with functional and technical consultation to answer your questions and ensure you are providing the best services to your customers. With APS, partners receive assistance with configuration guidance, performance management and release planning for all NetSuite solutions including SuiteCloud, SuiteScript, SuiteCommerce, data conversion and platform integrations.

Enterprise Partner Support (EPS) is NetSuite’s most comprehensive partner support program. Designed for partners who want to become enterprise-class providers, not only does EPS include all of the activities delivered under APS, it also provides you with access to the NetSuite Platform Technology Services (PTS) team for assistance with enterprise-class pre-sales and post Go-Live optimizations, along with the option to enlist the active participation of the PTS team for your most complex project implementations.

Telephone and Case Submission

We make it easy for you to contact us. By telephone or case submission, NetSuite’s Premium Support provides 24x7 access to technical resources for assistance with your production instance.

Partner Support Services Premium Support Advanced Partner Support Enterprise Partner Support
24x7 assistance with critical issues, outages and unexpected behaviors X
User Group access and assistance X
Online case submission X
Telephone case submission X X X
Advice and assistance with usage and configuration X X
Leading practices for SuiteScript and SuiteCloud development X X
Product expertise and guidance X X
Data conversion strategy X X
Performance troubleshooting and assistance X X
Release guidance and awareness X X
Unlimited authorized users X X
Named Partner Engagement Manager X X
Access to enterprise pre-sales technical support and implementation methodologies X
Release impact assessments and testing plans X
Scalability, load testing, performance and capacity evaluations X
Solution and architecture design review X

*You can also utilize Premium Support during a customer implementation as an authorized caller on behalf of your customer if they have Premium Support.

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Advanced Partner Support
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