• Drive efficiency across the business. Automate routine processes to save time, improve accuracy, and reduce headcount growth as you scale while increasing visibility across the entire with a unified system.
  • Spot potential cost savings. Track KPIs and access reports from across your business to identify bottlenecks and potential improvements that can help lift your top and bottom line.
  • Deliver insights. Monitor your cash positions, forecasts, and other analytics to shape strategic decisions that will help drive profits and growth.
  • Ensure compliance. Manage and monitor compliance with a wide range of reporting and financial regulations such as SOX, revenue recognition, VAT, and more.
  • Build an expert team. Recruit driven employees eager to leverage the latest technology and build a team that is focused on delivering insights and innovation, not compiling reports and crunching numbers.

Financial and Operational Leadership

CFOs are taking on more responsibility than ever. Beyond ensuring strong financial controls and managing cash flow, they’re now expected to forecast with greater accuracy, help acquire and retain talent, and lead efforts to add and refine technology in a way that benefits the entire business. They are also increasingly being asked to put their financial lens on new strategies for growth and other key decisions.

NetSuite manages end-to-end business processes with an integrated suite of cloud business applications that more than companies rely on every day. Our customers have gone public, raised large funding rounds, expanded internationally, and handled rapid growth on NetSuite, all while maintaining strict controls in an audit-ready system.

It’s a system that empowers CFOs to capitalize on the opportunity to become one of the most trusted and respected decision-makers in their organizations.

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Solutions Features

Enhance Decision-Making

From day one, realize the value of real-time financial and operational dashboards that display customizable KPIs, cash flow, key reports, budget information, and other critical data. CFOs and their teams can tailor these dashboards to their exact preferences. Embedded reporting and analytics foster smarter, faster decisions that can support your business’s success and accelerate.

Financial Oversight, Planning, and Reporting

As financial planning and analysis becomes an increasingly big part of the CFO’s role, your team can quickly and easily produce budgets and forecasts, model what-if scenarios, and generate more advanced reports in NetSuite. The application automatically pulls financial, operational, and headcount data to generate these models and reports, making it easy to update them and preventing costly mistakes.

Optimize and Automate Business Processes

NetSuite’s unified solution for operational, customer, employee, and financial data and processes offers many advantages over individual departmental systems. This helps boost the efficiency and accuracy of order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, and other critical processes that touch multiple departments because everything is connected. NetSuite speeds the financial close process and automates other cumbersome, manual tasks, freeing finance to focus on more strategic initiatives and preventing the need to constantly add headcount as you grow.

Governance and Compliance

NetSuite provides the built-in financial controls, audit trails, and compliance reports you need to reduce the risk of fraud and noncompliance. You can limit each employee’s access to what they need to do their job and codify approval workflows to proactively avoid these issues.

Diversify and Expand Your Business

NetSuite makes it easier to grow. It can support multiple subsidiaries, 190 currencies, 27 languages, and a wide array of tax and regulatory requirements, all in a single system, to help you better manage your global operations. No surprise that NetSuite is now used in more than countries and dependent territories.

NetSuite prepares your business for the next influx of capital, whether that’s private equity, venture capital, M&A or IPO.

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