• Improve Operational Performance. Enhance collaboration, efficiency and visibility across the entire organization with a unified system.
  • Deliver Insights. Monitor current and future cash positions to offer financial perspective on business initiatives and provide informed analysis to drive profits and growth.
  • Ensure Compliance. Manage the requirements for a wide range of reporting and financial regulations like SOX, revenue recognition requirements, VAT and more.
  • Build an Expert Team. Recruit driven employees eager to work using the latest technology and build a team that is focused on delivering insights and innovation, not compiling reports and crunching numbers.

Financial and Operational Leadership

CFOs are taking on more responsibility than ever. Beyond ensuring financial discipline and managing cash flow, they’re now expected to forecast with greater accuracy, help acquire and retain talent and procure financial technology. They are also increasingly being asked to offer a financial perspective on new strategies for growth.

NetSuite manages end-to-end business processes with an integrated system of cloud business applications that thousands of companies have used to go public, acquire capital and expand internationally, all while maintaining strict controls in an audit-ready system.

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Solutions Features

Enhance Decision Making

Built-in, real-time financial and operational dashboards display cash flow, budget information, a host of KPIs and more, all at a glance and all of it customizable. Embedded reporting and analytics foster smarter, faster decisions that can support the business strategy and accelerate growth.

Financial Oversight, Planning and Reporting

Using financial, headcount and operational data in NetSuite, finance can quickly and easily produce budgets and forecasts, model what-if scenarios and generate reports.

Optimize Business Processes

NetSuite’s single, unified solution for operational, customer, employee and financial data replaces individual departmental systems, improving the efficiency and accuracy of order-to-cash, procure-to-pay and other organization-wide processes. NetSuite speeds the financial close process and automates other cumbersome, manual tasks, freeing finance to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Diversify and Expand Your Business

NetSuite makes it easier to grow. It can seamlessly manage multiple subsidiaries, hundreds of currencies, dozens of languages and a wide array of tax and regulatory requirements, all in a single system that’s now used in more than 215 countries and dependent territories.

Governance and Compliance

With a built-in foundation of accountability and transparency, NetSuite prepares your business for the next influx of capital, whether that’s private equity, venture capital, M&A or IPO. This includes equipping the organization with the reporting and compliance controls required.

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