Why Businesses Are Upgrading to NetSuite

With built-in flexibility and native business intelligence, NetSuite gives customers a full picture of their business—all in one place—that is accessible from anywhere.

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Why Run Your Business on NetSuite?

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Efficient. Cloud delivery eliminates on-premise IT costs.

Integrated. Unified suite of business applications helps streamline processes and boosts productivity.

Visibility. Real-time dashboards and analytics eliminate spreadsheets.

Anywhere. Browser and mobile access lets you access from anywhere.

Global. Multi-subsidiary intelligence scales as you grow.

Adaptable. Customize with confidence without risking version lock.

Up to date. Automated upgrades deliver the latest innovations.

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Take the First Step and Transform Your Business with NetSuite

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I don't know of another ERP that can manage the business end-to-end, from marketing campaigns all the way down to Customer support cases. When we ask, ‘Hey, can NetSuite do this?,’ it's almost a universal yes.

Dylan Schrader
Chief Operating Officer, Ledge Lounger

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