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NetSuite for Private Equity Firms

Finding the right software for your portfolio companies starts with finding the right partner. NetSuite provides Private Equity Firms with the ability to optimize decision-making across their portfolio by giving complex companies the software platform to execute on bold strategies with accurate, real-time information. Firms are matched with NetSuite’s dedicated Private Equity Practice to leverage preferred pricing and executive alignment to streamline success for their entire portfolio.

NetSuite’s Private Equity Practice

Private equity firms and their portfolio companies are unique—unique in their investment theses, growth and M&A add-on acquisition structures. Mitigating risk is critical. NetSuite’s Private Equity Practice understands the challenges and risks private equity firms face. That’s why a dedicated team aligns with firms from the beginning to focus on reducing the time to value within their hold period, creating a superior experience and providing builtin integration for any new portfolio companies onboarded to the NetSuite platform. The team enables firms to drive technology value creation through augmenting strategic due diligence, carve-out and add-on acquisition support and priority for escalations as your investments scale with NetSuite. NetSuite’s Private Equity Practice offers the following complimentary services:

Risk Mitigation

NetSuite’s Private Equity Practice serves as a central point of contact for your firm and all portfolio companies running on NetSuite to ensure that the experience is consistent and excellent across all sales, service and implementation functions. The same core onboarding team will be aligned (when possible) for portfolio companies who are first-time customers ensuring repeatable success. A similar or same account manager will be assigned to existing NetSuite customers within your portfolio so they will have the ultimate familiarity and visibility needed to drive consistent operational excellence. Our Private Equity Practice manages all teams involved in your portfolio’s success with NetSuite and serves as the direct point of contact for any escalations to mitigate and reduce risk.

Preferred Licensing and Commercial Terms

Private Equity Firms and their portfolios are offered preferred licensing discounts, renewal terms and hourly rates for the Professional Services Team, and preferred renewal terms when they choose NetSuite and align with NetSuite’s Private Equity Practice. Pre-negotiated baseline contracts allow your firm and portfolio to avoid headaches with conventional legal processes and expedite the addition of new investments to the NetSuite platform.

Strategic Due Diligence Support

With over 20 years of experience working with businesses across all industries, NetSuite’s Private Equity Practice can work with firms to augment the due diligence process and advise on potential new solutions, cost and timeline to match the investment thesis.

Private Equity-Backed Companies Thrive on NetSuite

Tools Necessary to Achieve the Ultimate Exit Strategy

Reporting Your Way

With NetSuite, Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies are empowered with real-time visibility to make the strategic decisions necessary to maintain business continuity and manage restructuring. Private equity-backed companies can create prebuilt reports with defined metrics, allowing for standardization across the entire business. Portfolio companies can quickly access and deliver these reports to the firm in various presentation styles or formatted to highlight critical data, making it easier for the company to present to board members and other stakeholders. Firms and C-Suite executives also have the option to customize and view their own pre-built reports, ensuring 360-degree visibility.



NetSuite’s Private Equity Practice recognizes that carve-out transactions involve inherent complexities and risk. To help combat this, a dedicated team aligns with firms well in advance of these transactions to provide TSA focused execution. Coupled with NetSuite’s leading implementation methodology, SuiteSuccess, carve-outs can be up and running on a robust and flexible platform well within TSA deadlines and be prepared to meet objectives from day one.



Like carve-outs, add-on transactions come with their own set of challenges. Migrating multiple companies into a single entity can become an intricate endeavor. With solutions like NetSuite OneWorld, however, portfolio companies can streamline the onboarding of add-on transactions. Multi-subsidiary capabilities allow standard business processes to be deployed across as many divisions as required, and as portfolio companies scale globally, NetSuite OneWorld’s multi-currency capabilities can manage any level of transition or change with ease.


Customization and Platform Flexibility

NetSuite’s agile solution empowers portfolio companies to modernize and transform their business. They are equipped with a fully up-to-date IT environment geared for innovation and scalability. Customizable reporting and role-specific dashboards enable real-time visibility and security. No matter what stage of the investment lifecycle a portfolio company is experiencing, NetSuite’s solution provides the tools necessary for your portfolio companies to behave like sustainable and thriving businesses.


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