Produce contextual, personalized content with built-in generative AI

What is NetSuite Text Enhance?

NetSuite Text Enhance helps you create and refine content across the suite with generative AI capabilities embedded in NetSuite. Text Enhance uses company-specific and relevant data from NetSuite to help you quickly and easily generate contextual and personalized content. This feature can draft item descriptions, sales communication, purchase orders, job listings, employee goals, notes, and other long-form text fields throughout the suite.

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Boost Productivity

Finance, accounting, HR, operations, and sales and marketing can capitalize on the power of AI to accomplish everyday tasks by turning to NetSuite to quickly create and improve content.

The generative AI features in NetSuite are helping us be more productive while ensuring the content generated is correct. In contrast to other products, NetSuite Text Enhance automatically integrates relevant contextual data to improve the AI-generated response and with additional use cases being added across the suite, we know it will continue to bring even more efficiencies to our business.

Brian Wenzl
Partner, Opal Creek Consulting

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Benefits of NetSuite Text Enhance

  • Increase Productivity. Use generative AI to support content creation for various departments to reduce time spent creating and updating content.
  • Maintain Consistent Voice and Tone. Produce professional-quality content that’s in line with your brand.
  • Enhance Clarity and Comprehension. Automatically correct grammar and spelling to improve the quality and clarity of your writing.

NetSuite Text Enhance Features

Content Generation and Enhancement

NetSuite Text Enhance leverages the power of OCI Generative AI Service to embed this technology in processes across the suite, making it easier to create personalized, contextual content. Once the content is generated, Text Enhance can help you enhance the content by rephrasing for better readability and fixing grammar and spelling mistakes.

Finance and Accounting

Helping finance and accounting teams expedite collections, Text Enhance can help close the books faster by summarizing narratives for financial reports, personalize collection letters, assist in authoring journal entries to describe transactions and descriptions when creating a new account in chart of accounts, assist with authoring of purchase order entries including packing list and product labeling instructions, and assist in authoring for cash refund explanations to maintain consistency for customer communications and help internal auditors easily find the information they need.

NetSuite Text Enhance Dashboard

Supply Chain and Operations

Helping supply chain and operations teams streamline purchasing and logistics and improve the quality of product-related communications, Text Enhance can create item descriptions, assist in authoring of vendor engagement letters and procurement orders, create support tickets for warehouse management issues and shipment summaries that describe the movement of goods, create supply chain snapshots and update supply chain snapshot simulations, and create project tasks and task assignments to accelerate project data entry, tracking, and reporting.

NetSuite Text Enhance Dashboard


Helping streamline and accelerate the management of manufacturing operations, NetSuite Text Enhance can assist in the authoring of critical data entry and tracking activities including manufacturing planned time, operations tasks, and manufacturing routing; and creating consistent definitions for manufacturing cost templates to avoid confusion and errors when assigning them to the manufacturing operation.

NetSuite Text Enhance Dashboard

Sales and Marketing

Helping marketing and sales teams accelerate tasks and create more effective campaigns that drive revenue, Text Enhance can assist in authoring email content for marketing campaigns and sales pitches, create quotes and summarize sales events to enable more consistent engagements, assist authoring lead-generation communications to ensure consistency in tone and structure, and assist in authoring message development to help create targeted messaging.

NetSuite Text Enhance Dashboard

Human Resources

Helping employees, managers, and HR leaders increase the speed and accuracy of HR activities, Text Enhance can assist in authoring job descriptions and requisitions, employee goals, peer-to-peer kudos, and summaries of employee performance based on feedback gathered from peers, managers, and progress against goals throughout the year.

NetSuite Text Enhance Dashboard

Customer Support

Helping customer support agents increase productivity and improve the customer experience, Text Enhance can assist in authoring online comment responses, maintain accurate customer cases and issue records by summarizing customer events, root cause, and resolution.

NetSuite Text Enhance Dashboard