Flexible customization for administrators and business users

What is NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Customization?

NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform customization capabilities makes configuring and customizing NetSuite accessible to business users and administrators without requiring IT. By taking a visual, no-code approach to enhancing the suite to meet the unique needs of every organization. Platform customization solutions empower non-technical users with the agility to extend NetSuite virtually without limits.

Transparency and Control

SuiteCloud customization solutions provide 360-degree visibility over your entire account equipping administrators with the ability to modify and enhance out-of-the-box NetSuite capabilities as your needs change over time.

Optimized End User Experiences

Define exactly how users interact with NetSuite by personalizing every experience according to employee preferences and localization settings. Easily provide access to standard and customized user interfaces optimized for user tasks and job functions.

The flexibility that NetSuite provides us with scripting and all the scripting objects is huge. Anything can be a button push and most anything can be automated.

Andrew Reeder
NetSuite Developer, Peepers

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NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Customization Benefits

  • Customization Made Simple. Intuitive, easy-to-use point-and-click tools for business users mean less time spent getting customizations ready for production.
  • Data Organized Your Way. Organize and manage business data according to how you want your model to behave by defining custom objects like records, fields and data relationships.
  • Hassle-Free Upgradability. Changes made to standard NetSuite functionality automatically work with every new product release.
  • Business-User Friendly. Your users don’t require advanced technical skills to modify out-of-the-box functionality, meaning lower customization costs and reduced reliance on IT and developers.

NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform Customization Features

SuiteCloud customization features give you the power to adapt your NetSuite instance to the unique ways your business works. Companies can easily define, personalize, share and secure all enhancements throughout the entire product.

Unified, Extensible Data Model

Extend the NetSuite data model to add support for custom functionality where you need it. Custom capabilities become automatically accessible to any NetSuite feature — including integration services — without any extra effort.

Unified, Extensible Data Model

Flexible, Personalized User Interface

Customize or create new user interfaces to capture and display the information your users need to work effectively. Easily incorporate extended components like forms and lists into any custom page.

Flexible, Personalized User Interface

Access Management and Auditability

A role-based framework for managing permissions throughout your account ensures that all users have the right access levels to view and update business information, while maintaining security, auditability and compliance for actions on all account resources.

Access Management and Auditability

Custom Printed Documents

Create and share visually compelling and informative HTML and printed PDF documents in any language with customers, partners and internal teams to communicate timely, branded business information effectively and accurately.

Custom Printed Documents
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