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See how NetSuite can bring visibility and control to your business

For businesses, adapting to change is no longer a one-off exercise. Agility must flow through the veins of successful organizations as they encounter more obstacles than ever before.

That’s why NetSuite is engineered to help businesses build resilience and stay agile. When organizations have both visibility and control of their business, from financials to inventory management to payroll and beyond, they can make quicker and better decisions.

This series will guide you through the top challenges that businesses face, and see live demos of NetSuite functionality that was built to help solve them.

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Take Control of Excess Carrying Costs
Thursday, November 4, 2021, 11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. PT

Business leaders tend to be laser-focused on revenue growth, and understandably so, but overlooking excess costs can make a serious dent in profitability. Excessive safety stock, slow-moving inventory, inadequate tools for planning, poor forecasting and flawed order management processes are all causes of excess carrying costs. Join this product demo webinar to understand how NetSuite Inventory Management helps businesses take control by improving forecasting accuracy and inventory visibility.

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Maximize Your Accounting Data's Potential with Multi-Dimensional Reporting

In an increasingly data fueled world, maximizing the reporting capabilities of your business is imperative. Hear experts discuss and demo NetSuite's multi-dimensional reporting functionality.

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Accelerate Your Financial Close With Revenue Recognition

As compliance standards continue to evolve, having accurate and timely financial reporting is crucial. How do you best prepare your financials for a quick close as standards change? Watch this demo of NetSuite's revenue recognition functionality.

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Simplify Subscription Billing and Management

With the move to a subscription economy, businesses need a way to generate invoices that accurately reflect pricing. Join this product demo to learn how to automate your recurring bills with NetSuite SuiteBilling.

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Fixed Assets and Lease Accounting

Keeping tabs on fixed assets, documenting operating leases and accurately recording the value of both can take up a lot of time - but it doesn't have to. Save time and ensure compliance by automating key accounting processes.

Join our virtual event to see a demo of NetSuite’s fixed assets and lease accounting capabilities.

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Consolidate Your Accounts with Multi-Book Reporting

Whenever the same business event requires different accounting treatments, such as country/jurisdiction requirements or industry-specific rules, like ASC605 vs ASC606 or GAAP vs IFRS, different reporting outcomes are required. Multi-book accounting provides the ability to maintain multiple sets of financial records in parallel to support various accounting and reporting standards.

Join our product demo to see NetSuite’s Multi-Book capabilities.

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Doubling Down on Ecommerce

Ecommerce has become essential to almost all businesses. But operating your ecommerce site separate from your financial, order and inventory management solutions can be a big drain on your business. NetSuite’s ecommerce solution, SuiteCommerce, is natively unified with NetSuite business applications, allowing you to manage your entire business with a single solution.

Join this product demo to learn about SuiteCommerce capabilities.

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Optimize Warehouse Operations with WMS

The most innovative customer experience can be negated in an instant if a company can’t deliver the product purchased accurately and quickly. With hundreds, or even thousands of SKUs to manage, this can quickly become a manual, chaotic and inefficient process.

View this on-demand product demo webinar to learn how NetSuite’s warehouse management solution optimizes warehouse operations, eliminating manual processes, to more efficiently run your warehouse and minimize handling costs.

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Moving Away from Spreadsheets for Budgeting

Many companies settle for spreadsheets as their tool for budgeting, but at the end of the day, that leads to errors, bottlenecks and more time-consuming work that takes away from day-to-day business. In this virtual event, you’ll learn about the benefits of switching to a planning and budgeting tool that will help you reduce budget cycle times, streamline data collection and gain better visibility into your budgets.

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The Dynamic General Ledger

To get the most from your general ledger, it needs to reflect the structure of your company—both now and as it evolves. While other accounting systems don’t support complex requirements and can't adapt to changes in your business, NetSuite’s dynamic general ledger takes a different approach. In this product demonstration we'll showcase NetSuite’s general ledger capabilities and how it can be tailored to the needs of virtually any organization.

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Perfecting the Procurement Process

Automate your procurement process with NetSuite.

Purchasing can be a time-consuming and inefficient ordeal, especially when requests for goods and services have to be processed manually. NetSuite’s procurement solution helps companies buy goods and services at the best cost and in a timely manner by saving employees’ valuable time with easy-to-use capabilities, reducing costs by channeling purchases to approved suppliers and pre-negotiated contracts, and improving visibility by rendering real-time information into company spend and vendor performance.

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Manage Inventory Automatically

Fluctuations in demand, seasonality, supply chain logistics and a product’s natural lifecycle can make managing inventory feel like trying to hit a moving target. Leveraging NetSuite’s inventory management functionality, you have inventory visibility across all channels, ensuring the right items are available—at the right time—in the right place.

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Stop the Headaches of Intercompany Accounting

Intercompany accounting is a sore spot for many organizations. Keeping track of cross charges, settlements and account balances with accounting systems that don't work together is a real chore. View this on-demand product demonstration and learn how NetSuite can automate these processes.

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Better Together: Unify Finance & HR on a Single Platform

Multiple, disparate systems for your HR and Finance leads to delayed reporting, wasted time, and frustration across your teams. View this on-demand product demonstration to see how a unified platform helps you focus on what matters most to your business—not unnecessary manual tasks.

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Automating the Order to Cash Cycle

The order to cash cycle kicks in the moment an order is received from a customer. The process of getting from order placed to order completed and paid can be time-consuming and frustrating for all parties—but with automation, it doesn’t have to be. View this on-demand product demonstration webinar to learn how NetSuite can automate your order to cash cycle.

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Automating the Close Process

Closing the books is time consuming and labor intensive. Tracking down information from other departments, identifying errors and making corrections can add days to the process, delaying month-end financial reports. View this on-demand product demonstration webinar and learn how NetSuite saves time by automating the close process.

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Automate Project Accounting and Invoicing

Retaining tight financial control across all of your projects can be time-consuming and challenging when the right tools and processes aren’t in place to streamline accounting processes and provide the right visibility to project costs, billing and cash flows. View this on-demand demo to learn how to efficiently connect project activity with company financials.

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Manage Every Customer Relationship with a CRM Solution

A CRM solution can help you turn opportunities to sales faster, get more out of your marketing campaigns, and deliver outstanding customer service. View this on-demand product demo to learn how to build stronger customer relationships that grow your business with NetSuite CRM.

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Increase Project Profitability

Delivering projects on time and within budget can be difficult to manage if you are using multiple systems and spreadsheets. A professional services automation (PSA) solution can help by bringing together project management, resource management, project budgeting and accounting to get complete visibility and control of projects and resources.

View this on-demand product demo webinar to learn about NetSuite’s unified PSA solution, SuiteProjects.

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Improve Inventory Accuracy with Physical and Cycle Counting

Physical inventory counts and cycle counting serve as a means of checks and balances, ensuring your inventory records match what is on the shelf. Without organized processes in place, the pain of keeping accurate inventory records can be manual, time-consuming and error-prone. Inventory and warehouse management systems make physical counts and cycle counting faster and easier.

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Improving Financial Visibility Through Dashboards and Reports

Having financial visibility at all levels of your business is essential for success. But error-prone spreadsheets and inflexible reporting can't give you the real-time insights you need to make better business decisions. Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how with NetSuite reporting, dashboards and analytics you can combine financial, statistical and operational data with multi-dimensional analytics to glean new insights into performance and improve visibility.

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Deliver the Perfect Order with Unified Order Management

As customer expectations and supply chain complexity continue to rise, it is more critical than ever to deliver the perfect order. This means providing a buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, return anywhere experience efficiently and at a profit.

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Manage Project Revenue Recognition Automatically

Each services business recognizes revenue according to its own unique schedule and guidelines. Separating revenue recognition from project billing can support exactly how your organization measures profitability and make more informed business decisions.

View this on-demand SuiteProjects product demo to learn how project revenue recognition can be automated with a unified professional services automation solution.

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Accounting Consolidation for Multi-Entity Businesses Made Easy

For companies with multiple companies, closing the books at the end of the period can be a real struggle. Gathering data from disparate accounting systems, checking subsidiary results for accuracy, and reconciling intercompany accounts can take days. The potential for errors to occur is significant, especially if spreadsheets are involved.

View this on-demand product demonstration and learn how NetSuite automates the reconciliation and consolidation process.

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Simplifying Accounts Receivable

Manual invoicing and collections can have a significant impact on cash flow. Billing disputes delay payments, printed checks and postage increase costs, and inefficient processes mean it takes longer for cash to reach your account. Automating accounts receivable improves billing accuracy, accelerates collections and reduces costs, while giving you greater visibility into the KPIs and customers that need more attention.

View this on-demand product demo webinar to learn about the benefits of automating accounts receivable with NetSuite.

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Simplify Payroll Processing to Reduce Cost & Error

Payroll is one of the most manually intensive processes in HR and Finance. Using spreadsheets or third party payroll providers requires a great deal of manual importing, exporting and reconciliation of payroll data, often resulting in added costs and errors. With payroll and financials all in one solution, it’s easier than ever to manage your processes and pay your workforce.

View this on-demand SuitePeople product demo to learn how SuitePeople Payroll can automate payroll processing and reduce costs and errors.

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Financial Data at Your Fingertips

Compiling, understanding and communicating insights of your financial data is often difficult for businesses. Real-time financial data visualizations can help companies distill their financial data into easy-to-consume insights for faster, more informed decision making.

View this on-demand product demo webinar to learn how NetSuite provides the tools to easily visualize your financial data.

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Managing Inventory for Services Companies

Just because your business doesn’t sell a physical product doesn’t mean you don’t have inventory. Effectively managing that inventory improves profitability and ensures products are available when and where you need them, so you can focus on what you do best. Join this product demo webinar to learn how NetSuite improves inventory management processes.

View this on-demand product demo webinar to learn how NetSuite improves inventory management processes.

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Simplified Multinational, Multi-Entity Financial Consolidation

Operating domestic or international subsidiaries, business units and other legal entities can make producing timely, accurate financial reports a real challenge. Combining data from multiple systems using different currencies and accounting rules is time consuming and a potential source of errors.

View this on-demand product demonstration webinar and learn how NetSuite simplifies financial consolidation.

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Provide Your Customers with an Online Self-Service Portal

Through automation and self-service, many B2B sales activities that typically require manual, rep-centered involvement can be reduced. View this on-demand product demo to learn how NetSuite's self-service account portal solution can reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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Combine Financial, Operational and Statistical Data with Multi-Dimensional Reporting

Multidimensional reporting lets you combine financial, operational and statistical data in unique ways to glean new insights, enhance decision-making and improve performance. View this on-demand virtual event and learn how NetSuite’s multidimensional reporting helps you simplify your chart of accounts, analyze data and gain deeper insight into operational performance.

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Simplify Subscription Billing and Management

With the move to a subscription economy, businesses need a way to generate invoices that accurately reflect pricing and consumption over a defined period. The cost of manually entering billing data, making changes to individual subscriptions and tracking customer usage quickly adds up. Finding a way to automate these processes is a priority, but how do you improve efficiency without affecting customer service?

View this on-demand product demo to learn how SuiteBilling can help you gain visibility into your billing operations and can automate your recurring billing.

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How a B2B Ecommerce Site Can Drive Efficiencies and Sales

View this on-demand product demo to learn how NetSuite’s ecommerce solution, SuiteCommerce, allows B2B organizations to simplify the sales process while providing the same easy and information-rich shopping experience as a B2C website.

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Managing Inventory with Lot and Serial Numbers

Lot and serial tracking is essential for quality control and customer service; NetSuite allows you to quickly and easily track inventory at this level of detail. View this on-demand product demo to learn how using lot and serial numbers allows businesses to more effectively manage their inventory throughout the product lifecycle.

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Deliver Projects Efficiently and Profitably

Delivering projects on time and within budget can be difficult to manage if you are using entry level applications and spreadsheets. A professional services automation (PSA) solution can help to get complete visibility and control of your project-based business.

View this on-demand OpenAir product demo webinar to learn how projects, resources, and time and expense processes can be optimized with a professional services automation solution.

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Accounting in Multiple Currencies

Manually converting transactions from one currency to another and ensuring exchange rates are up to date create extra work for accounting personnel and carry a high risk of error. View this on-demand product demo webinar to learn how NetSuite can help you save time and avoid errors by eliminating manual processes and spreadsheets.

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Using Financial Data to Accelerate Your Budgeting and Planning

Successful budgeting entails two things: having your financial data centralized in a single location, and a budgeting solution that is robust and easy to use across your entire organization. But how can you take that data and easily use it without manually transferring across spreadsheets and extracting flat files from the GL into Excel? View our on-demand virtual event and demo where we will explore how NetSuite Planning and Budgeting can help.

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Improve Project Billing

Billing errors are bad for business, and they damage customer relationships which can hurt your reputation. They also result in delayed project payments, which impacts cash flow—something many businesses are already struggling with. View this on-demand product demo webinar to learn how project billing can be simplified with a professional services automation solution.

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Take Control of Your Inventory with a Quality Management System

Consistent quality is central to improving warehouse efficiency, efficiently managing inventory levels, and delivering on customer expectations. View this on-demand product demo to learn how NetSuite's Quality Management solution can help you ensure the highest quality products with minimal overhead.

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Lease Accounting: Are You Ready for the New Reporting Requirements?

Under the Financial Accounting Standards Board's rule ASC 842, virtually all long-term leases will need to be reported on the balance sheet. This is a significant change, requiring careful planning and the right tools. View this on-demand product demo webinar and learn how NetSuite makes complying with ASC 842 easier.

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Drive Manufacturing Excellence

A single, centralized manufacturing solution connects your processes to financial reports, inventory management and outstanding orders in real-time—helping you reduce operating costs, increase revenue and improve quality, service and through-put. View this on-demand product demo to learn how NetSuite can help you improve your manufacturing processes.

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