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Standards-Based Integration Technology

SuiteTalk is a SuiteCloud Platform technology that leverages CSV, SOAP and REST web services to integrate NetSuite with a variety of on-premise applications and third-party cloud environments. SuiteTalk can be used to build website-to-NetSuite integrations or create lightweight custom mobile applications.

Whether your architecture calls for direct-to-API application integration, or you have an existing investment in Integration Software, SuiteTalk paves the way for exchanging any data element, workflow process or transaction to create a seamless, unified business management solution.

Key Benefits

  • Supports NetSuite's core ERP, CRM and ecommerce products.
  • Exposes programmatic access to NetSuite data and business processes from external systems.
  • Enables real-time transactional and master data integration.
  • Leverages existing skills such as Microsoft .NET or Java development.
  • Includes robust error handling and standards-based security.

Key Features

Standards-Based Integration

  • All NetSuite records and custom objects can be accessed by third-party applications using standard APIs.
  • Supports account-specific customizations based on custom records, fields and business logic.
  • SOAP web services support integration to NetSuite using Java, .NET or any other development languages running on SOAP-based clients.
  • REST web services provide integration to NetSuite from any platform that supports the REST architecture style, including broad support for CRUD operations.

Comprehensive Error Handling

  • Sophisticated error handling helps ensure robust, reliable integrations.
  • Supports strongly typed custom fields with automatic validation based on the field type.
  • Returns exceptions on a record-by-record basis.

Powered by a Robust Security Model

  • Manages web service requests via NetSuite authentication, authorization, session management and encryption capabilities.
  • Supports Token-Based Authentication.
  • User access to web service operations secured by role-based privileges.
  • "Web Services Only" role ensures that only authorized users are able to access SOAP web services and data.
  • Granular security optionally configurable on a per-field basis.


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