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What is NetSuite Field Service Management?

NetSuite Field Service Management software helps field service companies increase efficiency and cut operational costs while also increasing customer satisfaction. Drag-and-drop scheduling and dispatch lets you streamline job assignments, and a mobile app gives field technicians access to the information they need from anywhere. Combining that with inventory management, preventive maintenance, and customer asset management, NetSuite Field Service Management delivers an end-to-end solution to improve field-to-office communications, build customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce administrative effort, maximize profits, and drive business growth.

What is NetSuite Field Service Management? (Video)

NetSuite Field Service Management Dashboard

Boost Field Service Efficiency

Replace the paperwork, spreadsheets, and hassles of field service management by automating workflows and digitalizing your operation with a single, integrated solution.

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With the scheduler, I can look at a week and, at a glance, know what’s happening, who is going where, and what they will be doing. I can see exactly what’s going on in the company.

Christina Lanham
VP of Business Information and Technology Services, Industrial Training International

Benefits of NetSuite Field Service Management

  • Increase Productivity and Operational Efficiency. Real-time job and technician status lets you easily make job assignments that maximize resource allocation.
  • Reduce Costs. Better utilization of technicians cuts overtime, and centralized inventory management increases first time-fix rates and reduces inventory leakage and write offs.
  • Raise Customer Satisfaction. Deliver timely services that solve the customer’s problem in one visit.
  • Manage the Business Better. Determine the profitability of every job, customer, service contract, or technician, while uncovering inventory leakage and inefficient processes.

NetSuite Field Service Management Features

NetSuite Field Service Management provides an integrated, end-to-end solution for more effective and efficient field service.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Easily create service orders from NetSuite cases, sales orders, projects or against customer assets. The drag-and-drop schedule board provides a clear view of your team’s availability, letting you make efficient decisions about scheduling and dispatching your teams to jobs.

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NetSuite Scheduling and Dispatch Dashboard

Mobile App

The mobile app gives field technicians access to all the information they need from anywhere at any time on their preferred device. Technicians can view all job details as well as customer and asset history, eliminating time wasted making calls back to the office for missing information.

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NetSuite Mobile App

Asset Management

Have one place to manage fixed assets, customer assets, and sub-assets, providing full visibility into asset hierarchy, historical usage, and maintenance. Monitor each asset from installation and commissioning to decommissioning or sale. Track and manage asset costs at every stage, including manufacturing, bill of materials, warranties, and more. Automate warranties and set up preventive maintenance calls. Analyze metrics for failure rate, labor utilization, and more.

NetSuite Asset Management Dashboard

Inventory Management

With NetSuite’s centralized inventory management, you can easily and accurately track truck stock and van inventory. You can increase first time-fix rates and eliminate secondary truck rolls by always having the right inventory. Inventory can be consumed and monitored from the field using the mobile app to update inventory records—no need for double data entry. Automated inventory management helps ensure maintenance tools kits are fully stocked, and all parts and equipment are available to meet customer service requirements. Automated tracking reduces inventory leakage and eliminates write-offs due to lost or missing components.

NetSuite Inventory Management


Tie work in the field to sales orders and invoices in NetSuite. Automatically generate invoices based on work done and inventory used in real-time, ensuring accurate billing and reduced errors. If you have recurring jobs, set up automatic invoicing and payments.

NetSuite Billing Dashboard

Reporting and Analytics

Consolidated data within one system gives you meaningful operational intelligence to drive revenue growth through expediated decision making and planning. Determine the profitability of every job, customer, service contract, or technician. Track improvements against key performance indicators.

NetSuite Reporting and Analytics Dashboard

Challenges NetSuite Field Service Management Solves

  • Low Utilization Levels of Technicians. GPS tracking and a dynamic schedule board expedite response time and optimize resource utilization.
  • Too Many Calls to HQ. Technicians access data such as asset history, inventory availability, and customer information anywhere, anytime from the mobile app.
  • Inventory Leakage and Stock Loss. One centralized location for visibility of your inventory, whether stored in the warehouse, on trucks, in the shop, or even at suppliers, makes it’s easy to keep track of.
  • Paper-based Processes in the Field. Fully digitalized job sheets mean more accurate data, a better customer experience, and less admin time.

Faster Time to Value

NetSuite has packaged the experience gained from tens of thousands of worldwide deployments over two decades into a set of leading practices that pave a clear path to success and are proven to deliver rapid business value. With NetSuite, you go live in a predictable timeframe — smart, stepped implementations begin with sales and span the entire customer lifecycle, so there’s continuity from sales to services to support.

How Much Does NetSuite Field Service Management Cost?

Companies of every size, from pre-revenue startups to fast-growing businesses, have made the move to NetSuite. Looking for a better way to run your business but wondering about the cost?

Users subscribe to NetSuite for an annual license fee. Your license is made up of three main components: core platform, optional modules, and number of users. There is also a one-time implementation fee for initial setup. As your business grows, you can easily activate new modules and add users—that’s the beauty of cloud software.

NetSuite Field Service Management is available as an add-on module to NetSuite.

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