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NetSuite Training Services You Need – When You Need Them

Learning Cloud Support (LCS) is a subscription-based ongoing training that allows you to easily and cost-effectively engage in continuous learning. LCS is your key to having the most empowered employees using updated information to drive your success with your NetSuite solution.

There are two Learning Cloud Support offerings – LCS Pass and LCS Select

LCS Pass gives you on-demand access to learning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From a wide range of courses that include resources, reference materials and email access to instructors, to hands-on exercises to practice and validate your knowledge.

LCS Select is perfect for teams needing just-in-time training on many areas of the NetSuite application. With LCS Select, you decide what you need, when you need it. LCS Select provides your company with multiples of 20-hour blocks to use in a three-month period for customized training, materials, guidance, and much more to support your enablement needs. LCS Select offers your team personalized training services that can include end user training on your configuration, customized performance support materials, communications planning and guidance, training needs analysis, and more.

The Pass and the Select options can be purchased separately or together, in single or multiple units, to achieve your perfectly-tailored blend of learning.





Number of Training On Demand Passes



One named person has access to the Training On Demand with LCS Pass

Custom Training Hours Per Quarter



Custom Hours can be used for a wide variety of Education Services

Multiple quantities can be purchased to tailor LCS to your needs*



*Example: You may wish to purchase 2 LCS Passes for two individuals to use, and 3 LCS Selects for a total of 60 quarterly hours to use for personalized Education Services to reach your wider user audience.

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