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Boost Productivity, Empower Users and Maximize the Use of NetSuite

The Customer Learning Cloud Support (LCS) Company Pass provides subscription-based training that allows all your NetSuite users to easily and cost-effectively engage in continuous learning. LCS Company Pass incorporates multiple learning styles, such as on-demand eLearning courses, hands-on lab exercises, interactive webinars and user enablement support, to help users at all levels improve their knowledge and self-sufficiency. If you have a question, you can ask an instructor for support. There are even options for education advising and personalized learning plans.

The LCS Company Pass includes:

On-demand Courses

  • eLearning. Unlimited access to over 1,000 hours’ worth of courseware anytime, anywhere.
  • Role-based Curriculums. Quickly ramp project teams into their roles with prescriptive coursework.
  • End User Tutorials. Accelerate end user readiness with task-based guides.
  • Ask the Instructor. Get assistance from a product expert if you have course content questions.

Check out the LCS Company Pass – Standard course catalog.

Online Webinars

  • Leading Practices. Participate in expert-led educational webinars that include product walkthroughs, solution optimizations and interactive discussions.
  • New Feature Enablement. Stay up to date with new NetSuite releases that can enhance your business processes.

Hands-on Labs and Resources

  • Lab Environments. Practice without risk to build skills and confidence before working within your production environment.
  • Reference Materials. Validate your knowledge and improve retention with downloadable training resources.
  • NetSuite Certification Exam Preparation. Review prep materials to reinforce your product understanding before the big test.

User Enablement Support

  • Education Success Advising. Collaborate with Education Advisors to guide your organization’s user enablement strategy.
  • Personalized Learning Plans. Analyze your enablement needs to determine training curriculums that embolden your users to achieve their goals.

If you require customized training, NetSuite offers optional Tailored Training Events Pack add-ons to supplement your LCS Company Pass subscription.

Tailored Training Events Pack

  • End User Readiness Enablement. Onboard new users with live training sessions conducted in your unique solution configuration.
  • Custom Training. Go beyond go-live with specialized training to help your experienced users better support your organizational needs.

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