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Easing the Pain of Physical Inventory Counts

While physical inventory counts are a necessary evil, they needn’t be so significant a burden. This white paper will explore the key inventory count challenges that companies are dealing with now, show how regular, scheduled cycle counting year-round can ease these pains, and discuss how a unified, cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution enables high inventory accuracy year-round.

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Mind Your KPIs: Top Metrics Product Companies Should Be Monitoring

Collecting good, timely data with careful analysis to guide proper business decisions is critical to thriving in business today. With that in mind, we’ve collected a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that every product company should be monitoring consistently.

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Eight Signs QuickBooks is Holding Your Business Back

Are you ready to turbo-charge your business? Tired of struggling with aging business systems, fragmented reporting and never-ending IT costs? Switching from QuickBooks to NetSuite's cloud solution enables companies to lower costs, streamline key business processes, boost productivity and be more competitive. Manage your business end-to-end with one integrated business suite for all your core processes. No more juggling of separate software applications and wasting time and resources maintaining and upgrading a hairball of on-premises software applications.

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Critical Components to Achieving the Perfect Order

Delivering on customer expectations comes from the ability to complete the perfect order: Getting the right products delivered at the best price, when and where they want. For merchants, the perfect order means accomplishing this at the optimal cost and efficiency. This white paper explores the three key components that go into building a strategy to provide seamless, omnichannel experiences that profit the business.

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The Forrester Wave: Digital Operations Platforms For Distribution Businesses

In a 27-criterion evaluation of digital operations platforms for distribution businesses, Forrester identified the eight most significant ones—Epicor, IFS, Infor, Microsoft, Oracle, Oracle NetSuite, Sage, and SAP—and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report shows how each provider measures up and helps application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals select the right one for their needs.

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Localizing Your Supply Chain

The coronavirus crisis has exposed the lack of visibility many businesses had into offshore suppliers and manufacturers, which has led many organizations to consider moving pieces of their supply chain to local regions. This paper will cover the benefits of localizing a supply chain—in this case, to North America—major costs to consider, potential barriers to relocation and the steps a business should take if it decides to onshore

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Inventory Management Fuels Supply Chain Optimization

For most businesses, the supply chain is not only the primary cost center but one of the most challenging aspects of running a profitable operation. This ebook will examine the role of inventory management in each step of the supply chain and share best practices for how businesses can use inventory management to optimize operations.

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How to Pick an Inventory Management Solution That Positions Your Business for Success

With the right inventory management solution in place, businesses can flex and adapt quickly regardless of market conditions, challenges or changing business model. This white paper explores how technology helps businesses solve their biggest pain points and shows how to pick an inventory management solution that will position you for success.

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The Right Stuff: Managing Inventory to Enable Agility for Manufacturing and Distribution Companies

Managing inventory well is the key to success for manufacturing and distribution companies: driving sales, profitability, cash flow and customer loyalty. Download this report to see how putting the right inventory management systems and processes in place is essential for a company to survive in times of disruption and thrive in normal times.

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Precision Medical Products Supports Exponential Growth With Complete Suite

Since going live with NetSuite for financials and inventory and order management, order volume has climbed from 400 to 1,100–1,300 shipments per month for Precision Medical. Before moving to NetSuite ERP and ecommerce, the company needed three full-time employees to process those 400 orders. Today, that requires half as much manpower. Download this white paper to see how automation fueled by NetSuite is responsible for that level of efficiency.

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The Innovative Distributor Mindset

Why do 71% of distributors believe the pace of change is too slow in their business? The answer resides in the mindset of your leadership team. In this dynamic and compelling book, Dirk Beveridge leverages his latest research to introduce the eight core mindsets of innovators throughout distribution and manufacturing. You’ll use The Innovative Mindset Assessment to quantify and qualify your organization’s readiness for change and innovation.

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Why ERP Is Key to the Customer Experience

Delivering on customer satisfaction and driving customer loyalty is crucial in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. Learn why successful wholesale distributors are discovering that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems help drive positive customer interactions, create a competitive advantage and build more loyalty over time.

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Is 2019 (Finally) The Time to Purchase a New ERP for Wholesale Distribution

For decades, ERP implementation in general, and more specifically ERP replacement, has been compared to brain surgery. You just don’t do it unless the patient is dying; “Rip and replace” was to be avoided at all costs.

But these perceptions are just as outdated as the legacy solutions to which they apply. Modern ERP solutions are now far more flexible and technology-enabled, provide many more features and functions, and are easier to install, implement and use. If you are a small distributor making do with something less than a complete solution, or a larger distributor relying on antiquated technology, now is the time to invest in a modern ERP platform that will allow you to succeed in today's fast-moving, global, digital economy.

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The Rise of Multifaceted Businesses: How Manufacturers and Distributors Are Diversifying Their Business Models to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Manufacturers and distributors are going through a significant transition, moving away from solely selling physical products to operating with more diverse business models that also include value-added services. With this, companies take on more responsibility in exchange for becoming more ingrained in their customers' lives. Download this report to understand the benefits of evolving and differentiating your business strategy, as well as the implications this has on your operations and technology.

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How Distributors are Managing Online vs. Offline Pricing Challenges

Distributors, manufacturers and service providers lack consistency and direction concerning online sales strategies. Although customers are increasingly demanding it, some industry players appear reluctant to adapt historical sales and pricing practices to a digital environment. Download the report to read more about the results, conclusions and recommendations when it comes to establishing your pricing strategies in today's online world.

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Separating Fact vs. Fiction in the Cloud

As the cloud computing movement continues to gain momentum, the benefits it delivers to manufacturers and wholesale distributors include a wide array of “wins” that are getting harder to ignore.

However, cloud confusion still exists. As manufacturers and distributors evaluate or use cloud ERP systems, it is important to understand the different cloud offerings in the marketplace and how to evaluate a true cloud solution.

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2019 Outlook for Wholesale Distribution

Looking forward to 2019, wholesalers and distributors are overall bullish on the industry outlook. 2018 ended strongly, with revenue growth above forecast, and this growth is expected to continue into 2019. However, distributors remain cautious around industry disruption and increased cost pressures. Top industry concerns include revenue growth, customer satisfaction and retention, improved inventory management, and improving employee productivity. Access the full industry outlook report here.

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The Evolving Role of CFOs Among Manufacturers and Distributors

While the core responsibilities of the CFO remain the same, today C-Suite executives are driving more business value with agile, results-based decision-making fueled by greater access to data. Download this report to see how the vast majority of financial leaders have achieved more oversight and influence over decision-making processes through utilizing cloud ERP technology.

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Using WMS to Create Your Optimal Warehouse

When used as part of an overall warehousing approach, WMS helps distributors create more efficient operations, save money and better utilize their valuable labor resources. Download this white paper to see how wholesale and distribution companies that incorporate WMS into their overall fulfillment strategies are reducing operating expenses, improving inventory visibility, achieving better labor management and increasing customer service levels, among other benefits.

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Evaluating the Essential Factors in Choosing the Right B2B Ecommerce Platform

The importance of ecommerce continues to grow for B2B organizations, and at the crux of a successful ecommerce strategy is a system that supports excellent customer experiences and seamless data management. Read on to discover where your B2B peers are currently satisfied, and where they are demanding change and looking to adopt new technologies in pursuit of a leading ecommerce strategy.

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How Distributors Can Close the Gap with Amazon Business

In the face of Amazon Business, distributors must take appropriate action to stay competitive. Access this report to understand the ways in which distributors should close the gap with Amazon Business, including the necessary technology investments, value-added services and application of Amazon's own leadership principles.

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IoT: From Hype to Adoption: Five Ways Manufacturers and Distributors Are Adopting the Internet of Things

Many manufacturers and wholesale distributors are working to determine where IoT fits into their business strategies. Download this report to discover five major areas that manufacturers and distributors are implementing IoT plus how to decide the best place to start investing in IoT.

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IT Executives Express Need for True Cloud ERP: See Why Companies are Switching from Epicor to NetSuite to Drive Growth

There is perhaps no better advocate for how cloud-based ERP systems can support and help organizations to continue their growth than those who have been through it themselves. In this paper, we consolidated feedback from senior IT executives on why they switched from various Epicor systems to NetSuite’s true, cloud-based ERP, highlighting the pitfalls of fake cloud and on-premise deployments and how these challenges impacted their business.

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How to Pick an Inventory Management Solution that Scales with Your Business

For any wholesale distributor operating in today’s fast-paced, ecommerce-oriented selling environment, inventory management is one area where “scale” truly counts. Whether growth means expanding into new geographies, moving to sell online or adding product lines, distributor growth goals are achieved easier and less costly with the right technology. Access this white paper to understand how a flexible, scalable, cloud-based inventory management solution helps distributors minimize manual work, reduce costs and streamline their operations.

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Using Data to Establish Price Points to Protect Distributorship’s Profit Margins

The right pricing strategy is one of the most important aspects of maintaining profitability. As such, distributors cannot afford to overlook or guess at it. Adding the rigors of B2B online selling, the distributor’s role as “middleman” and increased competition to the equation, and the need for a consistent, effective pricing strategy is now more mission-critical than ever. Access this white paper to learn how distributors can leverage data to overcome their biggest pricing-related challenges, improve profit margins and ultimately boost their bottom lines.

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The Role Cloud ERP Technology Plays in Supply Chain Automation

Every year, supply chain processes become increasingly automated, efficient and cost effective. These process improvements are largely based on technology and software innovation whose benefit spans from the factory floor to the back office.

In this paper, we examine the emerging trends and best practices in supply chain automation, as well as explore how technology advancements—especially ERP software improvements—are helping manufacturers and distributors become more productive. We also outline the top factors to consider in an ERP decision to best automate your supply chain.

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Navigating the Storm in Wholesale Distribution

Deloitte reports, “The wholesale distribution industry now faces major disruption and a true inflection point.” What that means: wholesale distributors need to evolve or risk becoming obsolete. From increasing pressure from new competitors like Amazon, evolving customer expectations, and emergence and increasing adoption of new technologies, wholesale distributors face changes and challenges unprecedented in the industry’s history. Access this white paper for actionable insights on navigating the wholesale distribution storm.

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NetSuite for Building Materials Distributors

Today, building materials distributors from around the world are vying for market share in the face of a changing competitive landscape and a shift in consumer buying habits. To remain competitive and relevant, they must actively embrace new technology and modernize their IT footprint to unify their business processes.

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NetSuite for Emerging Distributors

As the global economy continues to grow and technology continues to advance, growing distributors are finding themselves more equipped and better positioned than ever to prosper. But emerging distributors need to act big to play in the big leagues. To achieve growth goals and truly compete, they need to equip themselves for long-term success with back-end technology for every step of the journey.

Download this solution brief to discover NetSuite's value from emerging and fast growing distributors.

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Surviving the Amazon Effect

Manufacturers and wholesale distributors have been profoundly impacted by "The Amazon Effect," referring to Amazon's influence on raising customer expectations for frictionless commerce, low cost or free delivery, vast product selection and a personalized shopping experience. To stay competitive, product companies must differentiate and optimize. Read this report to understand ways to stay competitive in the Age of Amazon.

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The Distributor Sales Effort in Digital Times

In this research report by Benfield Consulting and Industrial Supply, the distributor sales model is examined in the context of today’s digital times. While traditional distributors have begun their move into ecommerce, most significantly lag firms such as Amazon Business or Grainger in online progress. Additionally, the traditional sales value proposition of high-touch/high-service/high-cost is difficult to translate online. Read this report to understand the current distribution sales model, and how this model will likely evolve in the face of digital.

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Your Amazon Business Playbook

This report, focusing on distribution's omnichannel future, follows Amazon's rise as it rapidly built the competencies needed to master B2B distribution the way it mastered the online bookstore.

Download this report to understand the threats that Amazon poses, the rise of Amazon Business—formerly AmazonSupply—and where we think it's heading with its adaptive model, while also providing recommendations on how to remain competitive and relevant in the face of Amazon.

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The Outlook for Wholesale Distribution in 2018

Modern Distribution Management in partnership with NetSuite reports on the key economic benchmarks and trends for distributors in 2018. Download the report to dive into these economic trends facing modern distributors.

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NetSuite for Home Furnishing Distributors

As agility and innovation become increasingly important in the home furnishings space, modernizing a business' IT environment is no longer a way to get ahead—it's a requirement to keep pace. Modern home furnishing distributors seeking to capitalize on new global opportunities need to invest in a system capable of unifying their product development, supply chains and distribution networks—whether they are pre-revenue or well-established.

Download this solution brief to discover NetSuite's value for home furnishing distributors.

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NetSuite for Industrial Supply Distributors

Modern industrial supply distributors seeking to capitalize on new global opportunities need to unify their supply chains, inventory and order processes to deliver the right products to the right people at the right time. Yet, to make this unified model a reality, industrial distributors must become more active players in the technology ecosystem, seeking expertise outside the industry to develop equipment connectivity, data analysis and software that are beyond their capabilities. Download the solution brief and discover NetSuite for industrial supply distributors.

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NetSuite for Electronic Distributors

Modern electronics distributors seeking to capitalize on new global opportunities need to unify their product development, supply chains and distribution networks, or risk failure in today's highly competitive markets. Electronics distributors are vying market share from around the world. To stay in the race, electronics distributors must become active players in the technology ecosystem, seeking expertise to develop equipment connectivity, data analysis and software to modernize their IT footprint. Download the solution brief and discover NetSuite for electronic distributors.

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NetSuite for Medical Device Distributors

Modern medical device distributors seeking to capitalize on new global opportunities need to invest in a system capable of unifying their product development, supply chains and distribution networks—whether they are pre-revenue or well-established. To make this unified model a reality, medical device distributors must become active players in the technology ecosystem, seeking expertise to develop equipment and process connectivity, data analysis, and software to modernize their IT footprint. Download the solution brief and discover NetSuite for medical device distributors.

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Wholesale distribution has never been an easy business and it isn't getting any easier. The razor thin margins in wholesale distribution are continually being put under pressure by the product producers and consumers. On top of this, globalization of product markets and internet giants Amazon and Alibaba have forced the wholesale distribution business to reimagine ways of doing business. Download the report by TEC to explore the changing landscape of wholesale distribution and the tactics to prepare.

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Unifying Financials and Inventory

The system landscape of many distributors, either in start up or complacency mode, includes QuickBooks as a financial management system and FishBowl as an "add-on" inventory management system. However, both systems have their limitations, which ultimately impact a distributor's ability to innovate, scale and grow.

Read this white paper to understand the limitations of QuickBooks and FishBowl, and the value of managing your financials and inventory on one, integrated business management system like NetSuite.

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NetSuite for Industrial Supply Manufacturers

As cloud applications mature and the world becomes more connected, modernizing a business's IT environment is no longer a way to get ahead—it's a requirement to keep pace. Modern industrial supply companies seeking to capitalize on new global opportunities need to unify their product development, supply chains, manufacturing processes and distribution networks. Download the white paper to discover the value of NetSuite for industrial supply manufacturers.

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The Cost of Doing Nothing in Wholesale Distribution

Less than 60% of wholesale distributors indicate processes critical to their businesses are fully supported by enterprise applications like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Instead, distributors make do with something less than a complete solution or struggle with a collection of disconnected applications.

Read this white paper to understand the performance improvements and cost savings a leading ERP solution provides to distributors, and to truly understand the cost of sitting on an ERP decision or "the cost of doing nothing".

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NetSuite Tackles Global Supply Chain Management and Visibility via the Cloud

As the supply chain becomes increasingly integrated, companies need the technology to support their changing business models. Download the report by TEC to see how Oracle NetSuite is tackling global supply chain management with the cloud.

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Digital Transformation Solves Challenges Facing Food and Beverage Distributors with Oracle + NetSuite

Food and beverage distributors face business challenges on many fronts. Changing business models, more demanding consumers, stricter regulation, globalization, merges and acquisitions, and sweeping technology changes all add up to significant headwinds for food and beverage distributors. Download the report by TEC to see how Oracle NetSuite is helping food and beverage distributors prepare for whatever is ahead.

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ERP: Wholesale and Distribution’s Secret Weapon

Wholesalers and distributors of today are not only facing typical year-over-year cost concerns, but also heightened competition and increasingly demanding customers. To stay competitive, industry leaders are turning to modernized technology, specifically Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), as their differentiating factor. Read this Aberdeen report to learn how leveraging the most up-to-date ERP platform positions wholesalers and distributors for the future.

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Shining a Light on the Clouds: Finding a True Cloud Solution

The Cloud continues to hang over the business computing landscape like, well, a cloud. Public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS—all of it makes for a confusing alphabet soup for even the most experienced industry observers and IT pros.

And, as longstanding technology firms look for ways to get into the market and new entrants emerge, creating new terminology, claiming firsts and generally obfuscating the entire landscape, it only promises to get more confusing for technology buyers seeking a cost effective, scalable and agile solution for their needs. This paper serves to provide some clarity around the different flavors of cloud and a detailed explanation of why multi-tenant SaaS offers the greatest combination of value, agility and scalability.

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Crossover Businesses: Blurring of the Lines Between Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers

It is no secret that the old clear distinctions between manufacturers, distributors and retailers have been obliterated. Manufacturers are increasingly selling direct to the end customer, distributors are selling direct to end customers as well broadening their services to include light assembly and manufacturing, and in some cases offering their own branded product lines. Meanwhile, retailers are increasingly relying on private label products to generate margins and loyalty, essentially taking on the role of a brand owner, managing outsourced manufacturing. In this report, we explore what happens when a business crosses over to become a combination manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer—how it impacts partnerships, services, revenue models and the business’s system requirements.

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