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Cloud ERP Delivers All Courses For Restaurants Seeking Efficiency

This business guide explores the different ways cloud ERP makes restaurants efficient, such as: viewing key performance indicators providing insights into historical trends, easily deploying new restaurant locations by combining POS and ERP in a "restaurant in a box" model, measuring what actually happened versus what theoretically should happen, and retrieving and using customer feedback to solve immediate problems and make changes to ensure that it doesn't happen again in the future.

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NetSuite’s Franchisor Add-On Module Serves Streamlined Workflows

This business guide provides a deeper look into our Franchisor Add-On Module for our NetSuite for Restaurants offering. Franchisors need to supply a set of procedures and standards to meet the challenges facing franchisees. With a unified platform, franchisors can bring all franchisees under one central umbrella and streamline workflows.

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