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NetSuite Helps Reshape the Jewelry Retail Industry

As jewelry retailers adopt technological advancements, many businesses are finding the solution to their challenges in a flexible cloud enterprise resource planning platform. This business guide explores the top challenges that jewelry companies face and explains how a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution combined with industry customizations can help solve these problems and more.

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A One-Stop Technology Platform for Apparel, Footwear, and Accessories Companies

With NetSuite as the base platform, Folio3 provides three customizations that help fashion and apparel organizations optimize their ERP investments: 1. Cut, make, trim (CMT). 2. Managing by style 3. Master work order management. By combining the power of NetSuite with Folio3's industry-focused customizations, growing apparel, footwear, and accessories companies can address current challenges, manage their multifaceted operations, and tap into new opportunities.

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Global Fabric Wholesalers “Sew” Their Seeds of Success With Cloud ERP

To remain profitable, fabric wholesalers must manage their inventory effectively, maintain global trade compliance, overcome language barriers, watch for product counterfeiters and maintain high levels of operational and supply chain visibility. This business guide explores how NetSuite's cloud ERP combined with Yantra's industry-specific capabilities helps companies overcome these obstacles, improve their bottom lines and provide higher levels of customer service.

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The Limitations of QuickBooks for Inventory: Your Complete Guide

As a company sells beyond ecommerce and adds sales channels, the next natural step to solve this problem is to find a solution that manages inventory outside of QuickBooks. Organizations often wind up with multiple systems that don't communicate well with one another, creating a lot of work to keep the system flowing. Download this business guide to hear how many are switching to a unified inventory and financials platform like NetSuite instead.

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Mind Your KPIs: Top Metrics Product Companies Should Be Monitoring

Collecting good, timely data with careful analysis to guide proper business decisions is critical to thriving in business today. With that in mind, we’ve collected a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that every product company should be monitoring consistently.

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Eight Signs QuickBooks is Holding Your Business Back

Are you ready to turbo-charge your business? Tired of struggling with aging business systems, fragmented reporting and never-ending IT costs? Switching from QuickBooks to NetSuite's cloud solution enables companies to lower costs, streamline key business processes, boost productivity and be more competitive. Manage your business end-to-end with one integrated business suite for all your core processes. No more juggling of separate software applications and wasting time and resources maintaining and upgrading a hairball of on-premises software applications.

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How to Pick an Inventory Management Solution That Scales With Your Fashion Business

In today’s fast-paced, ecommerce-oriented selling environment, inventory management is one area where “scale” truly counts. This business guide defines what a scalable software platform is for Fashion brands, and outlines how to assess your current and future requirements to ensure you are choosing the correct solution.

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Elevating Your Brand From a Product to a Way of Life

Success in today’s hyper-competitive market relies on more than the product you’re selling; it’s about providing an experience that enhances the consumer’s way of life. Leaders in the space are imagining, designing, building and promoting the lifestyles that their customers want to live. Here are three tips you can adopt today to begin transforming your brand to a way of life.

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NetSuite Apparel, Footwear and Accessories Edition

NetSuite has a rich history of working with companies within the Apparel, Footwear and Accessories industry. NetSuite has taken this industry expertise and bundled it into a fashion and apparel solution that solves unique industry challenges. Download this brochure to see the cloud management system for Apparel, Footwear and Accessories brands.

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Staying Relevant in a Fast-Paced Industry: A Fashion Retailers Guide

This business guide reflects on real stories around the challenges retailers are facing in creating a consistent and enjoyable shopping experience. Discover advice on how to turn these challenges into opportunities using unified cloud commerce. Learn more by downloading this business guide.

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