NRF 2023: 10 Retailers Using NetSuite to Stay at the Top of Their Games

NetSuite Editors

January 11, 2023

Retail is an ever-changing industry – even when the economy isn’t roiling. Retailers that see consistent upticks in sales, customer counts, and profits tend to have carefully designed processes backed by strong business systems.

Some of the below businesses have used NetSuite as that backbone business system for over a decade. As we join the festivities at NRF 2023(opens in new tab), we’re celebrating 10 all-star retailers that have created long-term success by building smart strategies, using ERP to carry them out, then adapting them along with the market. And they’re not finished yet:

Alton Lane 

A high-end menswear retailer, Alton Lane has remade the custom-tailored suit experience. Its 13 nationwide showrooms are designed to put customers at ease as they relax, have a cocktail or a coffee, and get fitted using Alton Lane’s 3D body scanner. The high-touch model extends to the company’s ecommerce site, where shoppers enjoy a similarly personalized experience.

Upon launching its fourth showroom, Alton Lane sought an ERP system to replace QuickBooks and prepare the brand to scale. It has used NetSuite to keep a tight rein on inventory, orders, and customer relationships as it opens showrooms while speeding fulfillment of online orders. Read more about Alton Lane’s success with NetSuite(opens in new tab)

Alton Lane offers its bespoke menswear both in showrooms and online.

Coda Coffee

A buzzing B Corp, Coda Coffee sustainably roasts its highly respected coffee at hubs in Denver and Phoenix. Apart from wholesale and white-label distribution, Coda Coffee runs a maintenance service for coffee-making equipment. Meanwhile, caffeine-craving consumers can find the beans on its ecommerce site.

Coda Coffee traded QuickBooks for NetSuite in preparation to shift from a purely B2B business to the more diversified operation it runs today. It uses NetSuite to track inventory and financials at the granular level required to maintain its commitment to transparency, and automation has saved the hiring of one full-time employee each year. Read more about Coda Coffee’s success with NetSuite(opens in new tab).

Beekman 1802

When Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge bought a historic farmhouse in upstate New York in 2008, they planned to use it as a weekend getaway. But 100 goats that needed a home had other ideas. Now the farm is a business, creating goat-milk-based skincare products under the Beekman 1802 brand.

As the company grew to 250 employees and a 110,000-square-foot warehouse, Beekman 1802 found itself unable to achieve the level of detail management and customer service it needed. Now, with NetSuite, it has access to all its critical data and has moved from an average of three days for fulfillment to next-day. Read more about Beekman 1802’s success with NetSuite(opens in new tab).

Beekman 1802 crafts skincare products using goat milk.


For many beverage aficionados, Corkcicle is a household name. After starting with an “in-bottle wine chiller,” Corkcicle’s ever-expanding product range now includes tumblers, coolers, lunchboxes, barware, and more. More than 4,000 retail partner locations have included department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s as well as retailers like Williams Sonoma and Anthropologie.

With a lean in-house team, Corkcicle chose NetSuite to help outsourced staff in accounting, sales, customer service, and fulfillment perform their functions while keeping all data in a central system. Meanwhile, the Corkcicle team could easily manage products across 3PL partners domestically and abroad as they distributed to some 40 countries. Read more about Corkcicle’s success with NetSuite(opens in new tab).

Fulton & Roark

Fulton & Roark offers a range of thoughtfully creative men’s grooming products with features like shatterproof packaging and carry-on size containers to help customers “look good, smell great, and get going.” 

But tracking inventory in a spreadsheet while financial data was housed in desktop accounting software meant the Fulton & Roark team did double data entry — manually. The company needed change, and under the leadership of its founders, it got NetSuite ERP up and running in just 20 days. It then saw year-on-year sales jump 50%, without increasing headcount. Read more about Fulton & Roark’s success with NetSuite(opens in new tab).

Grooming brand Fulton & Roark implemented NetSuite in just 20 days.

DIY Home Center 

Since 2004, DIY Home Center has helped pro builders and handy homeowners find the right products and expertise to make every house feel like a home. The company offers premium products including Trex, Polywood, and Deckorators at the best possible price, with personalized service for every job, big or small. 

When DIY Home Center faced a challenging combination of supply chain issues and rising customer demand, it turned to NetSuite. By tackling challenges including rapid price changes, a complex mix of distribution methods, and demand for automated order fulfillment via multiple sales channels, NetSuite helped drive double-digit growth. Read more about DIY Home Center’s success with NetSuite(opens in new tab).

Honey Stinger 

Honey Stinger’s snacks may taste sweet, but they pack a punch: The honey-infused waffles, gels, chews, bars, and hydration powders are formulated to give athletes the nutrition they need to perform at peak. Honey Stinger sells on Amazon and at major retailers like Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, and REI.

In the 10 years since Honey Stinger implemented NetSuite, it has seen its highest-grossing months in history, shifted to a 3PL model, and added a warehouse — just to provide a few highlights. All the while, it has used NetSuite to route inventory and balance both B2B and B2C orders with ease, even as each channel evolves. Read more about Honey Stinger’s success with NetSuite(opens in new tab).

Honey Stinger has run its snack businesses on NetSuite for 10 years.

e.l.f. Cosmetics

e.l.f. Cosmetics gives makeup fans high-quality, prestige-inspired cosmetic and skin care products at extraordinary value. The company sells its products – think Glossy Lip Stain for $6 and Big Mood Mascara for $8 – in channels including its own ecommerce site, big-box retailers like Target, and marketplaces like Amazon.

When spreadsheets and its legacy business system cracked under expansion, e.l.f. brought in NetSuite to establish a single view of inventory and procurement data. It now easily optimizes stock and consistently hits on-time delivery across B2B and B2C. Read more about e.l.f. Cosmetics’ success with NetSuite(opens in new tab).


The Lovesac Company is a specialty furniture brand with 116 retail showrooms and a thriving ecommerce business. Lovesac sells its products — from the original Sacs beanbag to its popular reconfigurable Sactionals couches — direct-to-consumer and is all about sustainable products that are built to last a lifetime, evolve with the customer’s needs, and reduce the amount of furniture in landfills.

While Lovesac may provide endless options, it needed a single software platform that could do everything: Launch new product lines, go public, grow to a billion-dollar company, and beyond. By cozying up to NetSuite, the company has been able to adapt and scale its core business processes to support rapid growth. Read more about Lovesac’s success with NetSuite(opens in new tab).   

In addition to its signature beanbags, Lovesac offers reconfigurable couches.


Hammitt sells its luxury accessories in more than 850 boutiques nationwide and a new flagship store in Las Vegas. Customers love the lifetime of complimentary repairs on its luxury handbags and accessories. But when it came to order entry, a manual process left the company’s small team worried about scalability.

Well, that growth came to the tune of a 45% jump in US ecommerce sales volume. Fortunately, Hammitt had the ability to handle those orders in the bag. NetSuite helps Hammitt manage manufacturer relationships, consumer commitments, and boutique resellers, with a data-driven approach to growth. Read more about Hammitt’s success with NetSuite(opens in new tab).

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