Organizations utilizing both accounting software and inventory management software are in the best position to achieve operational efficiencies and business success. Integrated and managed correctly, these tools will help align your company, increase performance and benefits employees across all business segments. By offering detailed views of your companies' financial health and a solid grasp of the flow of physical products, your company can achieve new levels of growth.

Why Inventory Management is Important

Inventory accounts for a significant portion of all businesses expense and has a direct impact on profitability. For companies dealing with large quantities of stored inventory, management of physical goods can become a challenge. It's imperative to develop a management system to support your business needs.

On a basic level, inventory management consists of knowing what products are in your warehouse and where those products are located. Typically, manual data-entry must take place on a regular basis to keep up with items such as inventory asset value and make recommendations about ways to optimize the warehousing process.

However, without the integration of inventory into an organization's overall data and finance system, companies will struggle to achieve operational efficiency. Today, leading enterprises rely on cloud-based accounting software with inventory management to evaluate inventory, support customers in the sales pipeline, reduce labor and increase accuracy.

By instituting a comprehensive accounting system with inventory management, a company can depend on fast delivery of products, happy customers and a lean inventory, all of which benefit the bottom line.

On the flip side, an inefficient system leads to product depreciation, over-stocking, order delays and additional costs.

Because of the substantial impact on business, it's crucial for the owner and executives to evaluate their management systems on a regular basis. If you're not achieving the desired results, inventory software that integrates with back-end systems may be worth considering.

Accounting Software + Inventory Management = Benefits to Your Business

Managing finances and inventory through a single system offers a host of benefits to your organization. These include:

  • A sophisticated, full-view of inventory management with built-in financial analysis tools.
  • Efficiencies and cost reduction in the sales and ordering process.
  • Support for online business owners offering more accuracy and consistency.
  • Integrated inventory process that communicates with data platforms and supply chain partners.

Accounting Software + Inventory Management = Benefits to Your Employees

Integration of cloud-based accounting and inventory systems support your employees, allowing ease of use across different departments. Employee benefits include:

  • Save IT resources the time of developing and managing multiple internal systems.
  • Offer enhanced accounting capabilities to balance books, develop reports and set sales reminders with the added benefit of real-time inventory tracking.
  • Instantly access data and receive real-time communication between sales and warehousing departments enhancing customer service.
  • A comprehensive view for management of the complicated relationship between finances and inventory, displayed in a simple, easily accessible format.

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What Inventory Software is Best For Your Business?

Choosing accounting software with inventory management is a big decision that requires both time and money. Before selecting a platform, look carefully at your business needs and identify the primary pain points in your current inventory tracking process.

While business needs are slightly different in every organization, there are a few software requirements that must be met. These include:

  • Flexible software platforms with the ability to adapt, change and scale.
  • Transparent software that is visible to users and partners across all platforms.
  • Real-time software that provides up-to-date information on current inventory levels, as well as tracking capabilities of the incoming and outgoing product.

All of the above are fundamental elements to consider when choosing accounting and inventory software platform for your business. While there are many good choices on the market, it's imperative you choose a system that remains flexible, transparent and up-to-date.

Accounting Software With Inventory Management is a Game-Changer

Connecting your back-end accounting operations within a comprehensive inventory management system will build greater operational efficiency and competitive advantage for your business. Rather than taking the time to develop your own system, existing software will be superior in functionality and easily integrated through ERP modules or open APIs.

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