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NetSuite Brainyard combines insights from industry experts and original and third-party research to deliver real-world data that enables businesses in all industries to adapt and grow.

Brainyard helps companies understand the habits, business practices and performance metrics of successful organizations in every industry. It delivers data-driven insights and expert advice to help businesses discover, interpret and act on emerging opportunities and trends. Brainyard includes industry-specific KPIs and provides the basis for growing companies to benchmark themselves against others.

Brainyard is written by NetSuite’s industry principals and researchers, well-known third-party experts and a team of talented editors. It is powered by quantitative and qualitative research on the most important trends affecting top-performing businesses around the world.

The research and data for Brainyard articles, videos and reports fall into three categories:

  1. NetSuite – Anonymized and aggregated NetSuite usage data.
  2. NetSuite Brainyard Research – Anonymized and aggregated data from our own surveys.
  3. Third-Party Research – Research gathered from third-party sources that are cited and/or hyperlinked to in articles, videos and reports.

Note: Brainyard does not publish data on individual companies.

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