Get the most up-to-date information from production

What is NetSuite Manufacturing Execution System?

NetSuite’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides real-time, cloud-based solutions to get the most up-to-date information from production. NetSuite offers both a traditional barcode scanner-based interface, designed for speed of data entry, and an interactive tablet app, which features a rich interface that provides unparalleled feedback about what's happening in the user's work center and/or machine.

MES screenshot

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Paperless Production Environment

Both the barcode scanner and tablet are easy-to-use and eliminate manual, paper-based processes while increasing data accuracy.

Production Oversight

Supervisors can see important production KPIs, including scrap, downtime and labor, by project and in real-time.

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It would be impossible to continue to grow as we have without NetSuite. We have customer financial, production and manufacturing data all in one place.

Kathryn Small
Special Project Manager, White Labs

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NetSuite Manufacturing Execution System Benefits

  • Real-Time Updates. Receive updates from manufacturing as events happen and use these insights to make educated decisions that improve business operations.
  • Customized Views. NetSuite’s user-configurable tablet application allows employees to optimize the system on the fly.
  • Record Production Updates from the Floor. Issue materials, enter production data, record downtime and identify quality issues on-the-fly before they impact customers.

NetSuite Manufacturing Execution System Features

Collecting information from your production facilities, regardless of location, is vital to the short-term success of your business and contributes to long-term strategic planning.


NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing delivers a native barcoding application that will run on any device with a browser. The app streamlines collection of the most common transactions, including labor tracking, work order completions, material movements, PO receipts and shipping. All native shop-floor-facing reports can be printed with barcodes to ensure data accuracy.

barcoding screenshot

HMI Tablet

The human/machine interface (HMI) application provides an interactive work queue showing all current and future operations that are scheduled through the work center. The easy-to-use system is designed to be used in harsh manufacturing environments and can be operated while wearing gloves. The tablet records exactly what is happening during each step of the manufacturing process in real-time. Additionally, depending on the mode the user selects, it can be used by either a production supervisor recording manufacturing across multiple orders or by an individual in real-time mode.

HMI Tablet

Challenges NetSuite Manufacturing Execution System Solves

  • Inaccurate Data Entry. Record common transactions with a single scan, increasing data accuracy.
  • Incomplete Data Records. The work order console enables users on the floor to record production information, such as scrap, downtime and labor, in real-time.
  • Lack of Production Floor Visibility. Manufacturing supervisors can use the tablet to see — and track progress on — all scheduled operations throughout the work center.

How Much Does NetSuite Manufacturing Execution System Cost?

Companies of every size, from pre-revenue startups to fast-growing businesses, have made the move to NetSuite. Looking for a better way to run your business but wondering about the cost?

Users subscribe to NetSuite for an annual license fee. Your license is made up of three main components: core platform, optional modules and the number of users. There is also a one-time implementation fee for initial setup. As your business grows, you can easily activate new modules and add users — that’s the beauty of cloud software.

Manufacturing Execution System is available as part of the NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing add-on module.

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