Richer Resources, Tools, Learning Options Bring NetSuite Skills Within Reach

Tessa Jenkins, Product Marketing Analyst, Customer Success

March 15, 2023

Quick Read:

Training and development are high on the wish list for employees and job seekers alike, and NetSuite Education Services is helping organizations answer the call.

NetSuite Education Services now includes not just Learning Cloud Support but an array of additional options to meet users where they are when it comes to getting the most out of NetSuite.

At the core is Learning Cloud Support (LCS),(opens in new tab) launched by NetSuite in 2021. LCS draws on the NetSuite Education Service organization’s experience supporting thousands of customer implementations. LCS offers everything from on-demand eLearning courses and hands-on lab exercises to interactive webinars and training sessions.

“The LCS Pass exposed me to all the possibilities in NetSuite,” said Alex Undzis, a business analyst with intelligent traffic technology provider AM Signal.

And now, NetSuite is adding even more opportunities to upskill.

The NetSuite MyLearn(opens in new tab) (opens in new tab)platform optimizes the education experience with even richer resources, tools, and support options. Users at all knowledge levels can gain the skills to make NetSuite work for their organizations. These latest rollouts expand on an already powerful offering for NetSuite customers.

Discover Your Personalized Path: NetSuite MyLearn

NetSuite LCS was designed to be a “how you want it, when you need it” training resource. NetSuite MyLearn extends this vision, offering a fully personalized and customizable learning experience with role-based learning paths.

NetSuite MyLearn's more customizable and personalized learning platform helps LCS users find the training they want, fast.

Other advantages include:

  • The ability to easily track progress;
  • Course recommendations to best match individual learning goals; and
  • Accessibility on any device, from any location.

To accommodate every learning style, NetSuite MyLearn’s offers a new mixed-media course format with “bite-size” lessons combining text, image, videos, quizzes, and gamification.

MyLearn was designed to be a truly role-based learning experience — no matter where users are in their NetSuite journeys. For those just setting sail with NetSuite, MyLearn paths can help answer those everyday “How do I…?” questions. These are designed as quick-hit learning opportunities for topics such as creating basic journal entries, approval processes, and how to optimize the CSV import feature.

For those at the expert level, there’s a learning path dedicated to NetSuite administrators preparing for certification.

Learning Paths have even been developed for various roles, by industry. For example, a user in the software vertical can chart a path to learn about daily and monthly business process tasks for SuiteSuccess software edition.

Get a Taste for NetSuite Learning: LCS Explorer Pass(opens in new tab)

NetSuite is now offering free access to introductory-level content via the new NetSuite LCS Explorer Pass(opens in new tab). Anyone can now learn what NetSuite does and get an overview of how NetSuite does it.

With the LCS Explorer Pass, you gain free access to introductory-level learning content — the same great content developed by NetSuite education experts for the LCS Company Pass.

The Explorer Pass is the perfect place to start for anyone who is looking to learn how to leverage the power of NetSuite.

Same Great Expert Guidance and Support

With even more options and on-demand training tools, NetSuite Education Services helps users maximize their use of NetSuite ERP software. 

“LCS gives you access to robust training content and an adviser who can help you navigate that content, providing insight into which courses are applicable to your specific learning needs. In addition, the live training sessions helped us address our specific needs in an interactive environment.” Shana Veale, PharmChem, CFO

If you’re ready to experience new NetSuite possibilities, chart your learning journey by logging in to your NetSuite account and accessing these new features today.

Check out this MyLearn video(opens in new tab) to see it in action.


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