Learning Cloud Support Select Gives Organizations a Single, Customizable Training Solution

Dean Sprankling, Vice President of Education Services

October 18, 2018

In my previous blog, I introduced our new education services offering, Learning Cloud Support (LCS) Pass(opens in new tab). LCS Pass is a great offering giving individuals unlimited access to NetSuite training resources. To complement this, I'm excited to announce our new offering: LCS Select.

LCS Select is the perfect addition to the education services offerings that Oracle NetSuite provides. Whereas LCS Pass is intended for continually training the individual user on their schedule, LCS Select is designed to enable your entire organization. LCS Select is a training solution that supports a wide user base including new employees, new subsidiaries, or even training existing employees on new features and processes.

There's nothing more important from a team standpoint than making sure that everyone has the resources required to execute their designated role. Whether it be in sports or in the office bullpen, a team must be prepared and trained to the point that the overall organization operates fluidly. While managing my own team here at Oracle NetSuite, one of my priorities is to make sure my education services team is continuously enabled to maintain sustained success efficiently. We consider LCS Select an opportunity for our customers to offer the same for their organizations. LCS Select enables our customers to maximize the adoption of their NetSuite solution by offering continuous training to their entire organization.

Here are a few ways customers can leverage LCS Select:

  • Elevate your team performance with customized end user training, task specific performance support materials, training needs analysis and training roadmap and developing communications plans.
  • Any team member can attend an Oracle NetSuite publicly-offered course (such as Reports and Searches, or Financial Management) as part of the program.
  • Achieve precise budgeting of your annual training requirements with subscription billing.
  • Provide continuous training after go-live with custom end user training for new team members, custom new feature training for your teams, or training on newly implemented modules.

LCS Select not only provides the same functionality that LCS Pass provides, it takes it one step further. LCS Select allows you to obtain a 20-hour block of custom training hours every quarter. Afraid 20 hours of training might not be enough for your team? Don't fret, you have the option to purchase more training hours to ensure your team receives the number of hours it requires. You are then able to tailor your hour block the way that makes most sense for your business, on your schedule. Another thought to keep in mind, you do not need an existing level of Oracle NetSuite Support to be able to purchase LCS Select.

"Two-thirds of enterprises will pay informal training costs that are 20 times higher than would have been required for up-front formal training." - Gartner

With LCS Select, you can rest easy knowing that your team now has the most comprehensive access to the vast Oracle NetSuite training resource library. As a manager myself, knowing that my entire team is trained-up in every facet necessary for their role gives me great peace of mind. And as more and more organizations realize what LCS Select can deliver for their own teams, I'm excited to hear the stories on how we helped provide further value and efficiency for others.

Learn more about NetSuite’s latest learning support program: LCS Select(opens in new tab).

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