Sea to Table Catches On, Sustainably Uniting Fishermen and Chefs

Sea to Table is an innovative distributor that partners with local fishermen, docks and processors on all US coasts to sell sustainably caught fish to chefs. Originally headquartered in Brooklyn, the company is now headquartered in Kingston, New York.

Sea to Table


Sea to Table


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“One of the reasons I wanted to build on a tool like NetSuite was the scalability. The only real limitation of NetSuite is your imagination.” Michael Dimin, Founding Director, Sea to Table

Managing Growth While Maintaining the Mission

Expansion from the Caribbean to Alaska
After the social enterprise’s initial success in the Caribbean, founder Michael Dimin sent his son to the fisheries of Alaska to learn the business there. Sea to Table is now shipping fish from docks throughout Alaska and has expanded into the Pacific Coast, Gulf Coast and the Atlantic, reaching from the Florida Keys to Maine.
Creating a personalized customer experience
As Sea to Table grew, so too did customer demands, including customized requests. For example, a chef might request 10 pounds of swordfish steaks with skin and 20 pounds of tuna loin without the skin. This required building in more flexibility.
Flexible, scalable system nets results
A social enterprise, Sea to Table received a software donation from Oracle NetSuite Social Impact, freeing up financial resources. It can now trace all fish from landing to delivery with the system, delivering accountability and environmental and economic sustainability while an “electronic blackboard” identifies fresh fish available for next-day FedEx delivery.
Ensuring traceability, sustainability
As Sea to Table evolves its use of NetSuite, Dimin envisions docks estimating the type and quantity of a catch before going out and updating it in NetSuite after it lands. It has introduced a direct-to-consumer business where people can know where their fish came from and how it was caught, a real competitive differentiator.


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