With NetSuite in its Corner, Growing Apparel Maker Takes Fashion Industry by Storm

Hayley Null, Manager, Alliance and SDN Marketing

April 10, 2023

Naked Wardrobe is a global ready-to-wear brand founded in 2012 by three sisters: Shideh, Shida and Shirin Kaviani. Inspired by their love of fashion and a shared vision of reimagining the world of fast fashion, they mastered affordable luxury, creating a carefully curated, high-quality clothing brand at an affordable price point. 

Since then, Naked Wardrobe(opens in new tab) has become the go-to destination for fashion-savvy people all around the world seeking timeless basics and versatile styles in a range of vibrant hues. Rooted in quality, affordability, and inclusivity, Naked Wardrobe celebrates, embraces, and caters to diverse consumers of all shapes and sizes.  

As a female-founded, owned, and operated brand, Naked Wardrobe advocates for female empowerment and body positivity across all genders, designing silhouettes that empower shoppers to be confident, feel sexy, and express their sense of style through the latest trends.

Naked Wardrobe has been in growth mode since inception. In its early days, the company implemented Bright Pearl for inventory and catalog management, Magento for e-commerce, ShipStation for parcel shipping, and Macro to manage a legion of Excel files. Even with all these in place, the Kaviani sisters still relied heavily on manual processes to run operations. 

For example, the wholesale department had to input all new purchase orders into Excel spreadsheets — that’s an entry, by hand, for each garment, which may be available in an array of sizes. When multiplied across hundreds of unique styles, it’s easy to see how manual the company’s growth and productivity had become. It wasn’t unusual for team members to spend the majority of their daily hours managing the purchasing process alone. 

Kamelia Kaviani, mother of the three founders, saw the potential for growth by implementing an  ERP system. Kaviani, who had more than 25 years of experience implementing Oracle applications and financial systems, came on board as Naked Wardrobe’s CFO in 2021 after retiring from the corporate world after a career as both a project manager and consultant.

“I truly saw the capabilities and the potential of the brand and knew it was time to join my daughters and help scale Naked Wardrobe even further,” said Kaviani, who immediately began looking for a system that would consolidate Naked Wardrobe’s operations onto a single platform and reduce the amount of manual work that employees were doing.

“We tried to do as much as possible to automate Excel, but it still involved so much manual labor,” she said. “As our wholesale and retail sales continued to grow, we knew we had to start looking for an ERP system that would automate some or all of our manual processes.”

Deduplication a Goal

Because its employees were inputting information into multiple spreadsheets and systems, Naked Wardrobe faced order and data duplication. After implementing the World Fashion Exchange (WFX) product lifecycle management (PLM) platform to manage its production cycle, Naked Wardrobe selected NetSuite as its new ERP.    

“We selected NetSuite because it was aligned with the type of business that we’re in,” said Kaviani. “Because of its track record in the apparel business, NetSuite was our best option.”

With the help of NetSuite Alliance Partner Folio3, (opens in new tab)Naked Wardrobe integrated its Magento M2 and ShipStation tools into its new ERP. Folio3 also handled several ERP customizations for Naked Wardrobe, which needed a way to simplify the order request process. The manufacturer records its orders on spreadsheets and then uploads them to NetSuite. It was previously creating a new PO for every garment variation. This approach was getting unwieldy as the manufacturer added new products to collections that now included upwards of 20 different styles.

With Folio3’s help, Naked Wardrobe can now use a single PO for an entire collection.

“Now, we go by collections instead of individual garments,” said Kaviani, adding that the company now has a much more unified view of its products.

Folio3 also helped make the return process smoother for customers and employees.

“One more customization that saved us so much time is the ‘Return,’ when multiple items are ordered and selected items are returned,” she said. “We added a box next to all items, to be able to check the box for return items and make it even easier for return data entry.”

A Team that Supports Progress

Reflecting on Naked Wardrobe’s NetSuite implementation, Kaviani said the business is fortunate to have a great internal team that embraced change as the company upgraded its technology portfolio.  

That change extends to using SPS Commerce Fulfillment for NetSuite, a full-service EDI solution, in its wholesale business. The company will soon automate sales order invoicing and fulfillment — both processes still being handled on Excel spreadsheets. Naked Wardrobe also implemented PLM software from NetSuite partner WFX Software to manage the design-to production cycle and is introducing UPC barcoding for all its new products. The UPC codes are stored in the WFX system; once items are ready for production, codes are assigned automatically and pushed to NetSuite.

Naked Wardrobe is currently in the process of integrating its ERP system with a platform that makes dropshipping simple for retailers and suppliers.

“We are working on so many new things, and there are so many moving parts, hence why we wanted to have a system that would be easily integrated,” said Kaviani. “Naked Wardrobe can now grant access to potential buyers as we expand our wholesale partnerships. Those entities will be able to see what's available and help us generate additional sales.”   

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