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What is NetSuite Financial Reporting?

NetSuite financial reporting gives finance and accounting teams powerful tools to analyze and display data. Save time with prebuilt financial reports that are easily tailored to highlight specific results. Develop custom reports with multiple versions using the right layout for each audience. Combine financial, statistical and operational data with multidimensional analytics to glean new insights into performance. With NetSuite, you don't just get reporting — you get a comprehensive view of your business.

NetSuite custom income statement dashboard

Real-Time Insights

Identify trends as they develop, take action and monitor results in real time. Diagnose financial issues on the fly, and drill down to individual transactions to quickly diagnose and correct problems.

Maximum Flexibility

Customize financial reports with multiple layout options. An easy-to-use report builder and sophisticated business intelligence tools allow you to combine, analyze and share information across the organization.

maximum flexibility dashboard

Before NetSuite, hours were spent each month creating profit and loss statements and reports for individual business entities, then adding them to Excel and consolidating data for leadership. Now, I can get all that by clicking a button. It's night and day.

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NetSuite Financial Reporting Benefits

  • Go Beyond the Numbers. Apply multidimensional analysis to financial, statistical and operational data to gain unique insights into performance.
  • Focus on Results. Role-based dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) help keep team members focused on the outcomes that matter to the business.
  • Save Time. Customizable layouts, reusable reporting templates and saved searches make creating ad hoc reports faster and easier.
  • Improve Communication. Schedule and send reports automatically so that everyone has the same view of the data.
  • Maintain Control. Limit access to sensitive financial information with configurable role- and user-based access and permissions.

NetSuite Financial Reporting Features

NetSuite financial reporting gives you real-time insights into the performance of your business with flexible reporting tools and sophisticated analytics that save time and improve decision-making.

Configurable Financial Reports

NetSuite provides hundreds of standard reports, including various financial statements pre-formatted to meet country-specific requirements. Standard layouts are highly flexible and can be modified by filtering, grouping and sorting data, allowing greater control over how information is organized. Reports can also be configured to display specific GL accounts, transaction types or custom field values.

Configurable Financial Reports dashboard.

Report Snapshots

Report snapshots provide a high-level summary of reports with links to underlying data and are available for both prebuilt and custom reports. Summaries can be added to dashboards, allowing individual users to monitor the financial details they care about without needing to view multiple reports.

Report Snapshots Dashboard.

Multidimensional Analysis

Multidimensional analysis allows you to evaluate financial performance at a more granular level than is possible with standard reporting techniques. Dimensions are custom data elements that link organizational characteristics to financial transactions. Track revenue, margin and other metrics by division, territory, channel, product and other important operational criteria. Analyze the cost to serve individual customer accounts to better align service levels with profit potential.

Multidimensional Analysis Dashboard.

Multiple Reporting Standards

NetSuite's multi-book feature allows companies to maintain multiple sets of books with different rules to comply with various accounting standards, tax codes and reporting requirements. Create before and after versions of the same report to show the impact of accounting changes on results.

Multiple Reporting Standards Dashboard.

Challenges NetSuite Financial Reporting Solves

  • Inflexible Reporting. Tailor standard reports to display information in a specific format, or develop custom reports to meet unique requirements.
  • Ad-hoc Reporting. Save time when creating ad-hoc reports. Use saved searches to keep data you frequently need at your fingertips.
  • Multiple Accounting Standards. Produce financial statements in multiple formats, using multiple accounting standards, to comply with accounting rules wherever you do business.

How Much Does NetSuite Financial Reporting Cost?

Companies of every size, from pre-revenue startups to fast-growing businesses, have made the move to NetSuite. Looking for a better way to run your business but wondering about the cost?

Users subscribe to NetSuite for an annual license fee. Your license is made up of three main components: core platform, optional modules and the number of users. There is also a one-time implementation fee for the initial set up. As your business grows, you can easily activate new modules and add users — that’s the beauty of cloud software.

Financial reporting is included with the NetSuite platform license.

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