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Leading commerce businesses build new year’s resolutions around NetSuite SuiteCommerce solution

EnergyFirst, Leland Fly Fishing, Jafrum International and KASK America Exceed Business Objectives through Greater Efficiency and Enhanced Commerce Experiences

SAN MATEO, Calif.—December 18, 2012—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry's leading vendor of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites, today announced that leading commerce businesses are leveraging NetSuite SuiteCommerce to pursue their strategic 2013 New Year's resolutions of growing their bottom line through greater business efficiency and an enhanced user shopping experience. EnergyFirst, Leland Fly Fishing, Jafrum International and KASK America have joined the growing list of companies exceeding their resolutions with NetSuite SuiteCommerce's web storefront, order management, marketing, inventory management, financials, and customer support. In doing so, these organizations have benefitted from lower operational costs, while delivering the exceptional customer experiences that build customer loyalty.

Providing quality specialty products to a broad audience has always required highly-efficient business operations and a special focus on the customer experience to reach and serve new customers. Unfortunately, first-generation commerce systems present numerous limitations and complexities that undermine these efforts, including the inability of eCommerce point-solutions and legacy back-end systems to easily integrate and cost-effectively scale. Worse, such systems often limit visibility into lifetime value by producing multiple fragmented data sets on customers, inventory and financials. As a result, organizations lack the visibility into their own operations to identify and address inefficiencies, and, even more concerning, the knowledge of individual customers required to appropriately engage with them.

"The complexity facing merchants is growing on multiple fronts. It's virtually impossible to address all of them with the spaghetti IT architectures of yesteryear," said Andy Lloyd, General Manager of Commerce, NetSuite. "NetSuite SuiteCommerce unleashes the power of the cloud to ratchet up business efficiency and delight the omnichannel customer through a uniquely-personalized experience. Having positioned themselves to achieve their own business resolutions, these companies can focus on the needs of their customers."

Based on the NetSuite "Commerce as a Service" (CaaS) architecture, SuiteCommerce provides a suite of fully-integrated, cloud-based commerce capabilities that address these issues and deliver critical business advantages:

Single customer view. Provides a single, 360-degree view of customer orders, preferences, issues, contact and payment information and more to ensure retailers can deliver rewarding interactions online, on the phone, in a store or anywhere else.

Dynamic web store. Enables customers to easily find the product they want; strategically presents products to increase engagement; offers customized incentives for each individual customer; makes checkout a painless experience; allows customers to experience it all through the device of their choice (i.e. smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.).

Order management. Ensures quick and efficient processing of all orders through a flexible order processing workflow; provides the ability to set approval rules; automatically selects delivery from specific warehouses based on inventory availability and geographic proximity.

Multi-location inventory management. Maintains tight control over inventory through complete visibility and management at all locations; customer visibility into inventory availability at any commerce site; demand planning and forecasting on sales and inventory levels based on historical or manual data.

Customer support. Provides customer support capabilities such as case workflow management, order monitoring (status of an order, etc.) and robust customer self-service capabilities for common queries and changes.

Multisite management. Manages multiple sites easily through a single instance, through website setup and management capabilities, including rules to manage which sections of product catalogs should be shared across sites.

Native integration with back-end business systems. Natively interoperates with NetSuite's comprehensive solutions for CRM, financials, inventory and order management, marketing and more to allow businesses to increase their online sales while dramatically improving productivity and efficiencies.

By providing these capabilities in a single suite, SuiteCommerce allows organizations to interact and transact with customers anywhere, through multiple devices, recognize and reward shoppers, use collected data to better run their businesses, and do it all through a single, integrated commerce system based in the cloud. NetSuite SuiteCommerce has enabled EnergyFirst, Leland Fly Fishing, Jafrum International and KASK America to sidestep common technical challenges and focus on growing their businesses.

EnergyFirst (, an industry leading natural products company known for their outstanding meal replacement protein shakes, markets their products directly to the consumer over the NetSuite platform. and two of their other brands, and, all run on a single NetSuite SuiteCommerce instance. The company achieves efficiencies on all three sites by repurposing product, pricing and image content without rework. This eliminates the need for roughly two full-time employees that would otherwise be required to integrate disparate eCommerce, CRM, financial, marketing, call center and inventory management systems. That staff efficiency has allowed the Manhattan Beach, CA based EnergyFirst to offer higher quality products at a much lower cost than their competitors. These efficiencies, combined with NetSuite's marketing functionality, have led to a 23 percent increase in unique visitors in 2012 for a total of over 2 million people. Having replaced QuickBooks, FileMaker, Excel and other "very painful" processes, NetSuite has supported lean operations and annual growth of 20 to 50 percent, helping EnergyFirst make Inc. Magazine's list of America's fastest growing private companies. "With NetSuite, we run real-time, all the time," said EnergyFirst CEO Gerry Morton. "We make better decisions and operate our company much more efficiently. With NetSuite's B2C eCommerce strength, we're able to drive unparalleled value for our customers and receive immediate actionable feedback on everything we do."

Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters (, a specialty retailer of fly fishing rods, reels, tackle boxes, clothing and other gear, has increased back-office efficiency and deepened customer engagement since upgrading to NetSuite SuiteCommerce from its previous Magento eCommerce system and QuickBooks for accounting. NetSuite's single integrated commerce solution has given the 10-person company real-time visibility into inventory data and customer records, helping ensure quality fulfillment and personalized customer service. Leland Fly Fishing's SuiteCommerce-based webstore is rich with such features as live chat, how-to videos, blogs and educational resources, helping the company bring its passion for fly fishing to an audience far beyond its brick-and-mortar store in Sonoma, Calif., to customers in Russia, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. Named the Fly Fishing Retailer of the Year by American Angler Magazine, Leland Fly Fishing takes advantage of NetSuite to improve its business agility and competitive positioning versus larger retailers such as Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops. "With NetSuite, our business is very close to being seamless," said Burke White, Leland Sales Manager. "NetSuite has given us much better control over purchasing and inventory, and CRM and marketing tools help us further our mission of personalized customer service."

Jafrum International (, a leading e-tailer of motorcycle helmets, jackets, luggage and other riding gear, has been able to grow a multichannel business across its webstore, eBay and Amazon platforms. Content is published once from SuiteCommerce to all these channels, avoiding having to reenter the same content multiple times. Moreover Jafrum has been able to integrate this eCommerce implementation with NetSuite financials, inventory and CRM. Based in Charlotte, N.C., Jafrum has seen its site traffic increase 59 percent from 2011 to 2012 in part through SEO optimization capabilities in NetSuite and such techniques as using NetSuite email marketing to encourage customers to review products they have purchased. Customization with SuiteApp solutions from NetSuite partners for internal search performance, CyberSource for payment management and the OzLINK fulfillment and billing solution has helped Jafrum meet its goals of superior customer service. Expanding from eBay to its own NetSuite-based webstore, the integrated front- and back-office commerce solution that SuiteCommerce provides has given Jafrum a platform for seamless growth, including expanding its inventory of 5,000 SKUs with a new motorcycle parts lineup in 2013, while saving one employee's bandwidth otherwise required for IT and enabling end-to-end process efficiency. "We're glad we went with NetSuite early on so we didn't have to switch from standalone applications several years later," said Rumana Bai, Jafrum VP. "We went with NetSuite because it had everything in a single solution—eCommerce, accounting, CRM, inventory and more."

KASK America (, the US subsidiary of the Italy-based manufacturer of helmets for cycling, skiing, mountaineering and work safety, is leveraging advanced capabilities in NetSuite SuiteCommerce to build its business with engaging and dynamic websites. Working with NetSuite consultants, the North Carolina-based KASK America has implemented image zoom, bold color schemes, brand-appropriate design and galleries of images, videos and social media links to increase time on site and drive sales. In addition, KASK America runs websites optimized for smartphones and tablets, and for B2C and B2B customers—all atop a single SuiteCommerce instance linked to common back-end financials, CRM and inventory data. With SuiteCommerce, KASK America can publish product descriptions and images to multiple sites simultaneously, without having to rekey information or keep track of multiple versions of the same content on different sites. These and other efficiencies have saved the company the bandwidth of five full-time administrative and warehouse staff. "NetSuite has helped us grow by working closely with us to deliver a striking look-and-feel on our websites, with the custom work on the back-end we need to support our processes," said Eugene K., COO & Managing Director of KASK America, Inc. "SuiteCommerce gives us top-notch design on a top-notch platform for reaching our customers."

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