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Geelong Football Club Kicks Goals On and Off the Field

Geelong Football Club (GFC) is the second oldest club in the AFL and one of the oldest football clubs in the world. Nicknamed the Cats, GFC was formed in 1859 and based in the city of Geelong where it employs over 150 full time staff and up to 300 additional casuals in peak game season.

In 2015, GFC was looking for a new ERP solution to replace its disparate ageing systems and provide streamlined visibility into the club’s many operations. Managing not only the team but multiple business arms, GFC needed a unified solution for all parts of the business to help them succeed both on and off the field.

Geelong Football Club


Geelong Football Club


Geelong, Victoria, Australia




$50million (AUD)




NetSuite OneWorld


Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Australia)


NSW, Australia

“NetSuite OneWorld has been a gamechanger for us, providing us with all the information we need. It allows us to have our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the business at any time.” Peter Varszeghy, IT Manager, Geelong Football Club

Building the Home Ground Advantage


A centralized management solution

After evaluating several options, GFC’s CFO Sue Clark chose NetSuite OneWorld as the most suitable solution that could efficiently unify finance, retail processing, staff management and other operational processes on a single platform. Sue needed a system that had current as well as historical data available anywhere at any time; GFC staff are often sideline at a game and need access to information on the spot. In summary, GFC was looking for a solution that could provide detailed insights into all areas of the business, its overall performance and the ability to make better informed strategic-led decisions.


Real-time visibility and flexibility a gamechanger

GFC turned to NetSuite in September 2015 to modernize its then-disparate systems and transform the entire business operations. With visibility across the whole business, NetSuite OneWorld acts as the one source of truth and provides access to current data at any time from anywhere. Staff can check data with ease on tablets or smartphones to make informed real-time decisions, while updates deploy easily across the whole business and reporting is a breeze. As an organization with a culture of high performance, from player level to administration, NetSuite OneWorld helps everyone at GFC deliver in line with expectations.


Scoring for the future

With NetSuite OneWorld, GFC can focus its energy on achieving success in all areas of the business. NetSuite is used for integrated management of all departments to make strategic, informed decisions across every area with greater transparency. The success of the club isn’t just up to those on the field; all staff ‘play’ for the same team and the flexibility and autonomy NetSuite delivers allows them to kick business goals.


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