Introducing NetSuite Guided Learning: Training Resources Embedded in NetSuite

Tessa Jenkins, Product Marketing Analyst

July 18, 2023

Gone are the days of having to stop in the middle of a task, find “how to” guides, and then pick up where you left off. NetSuite Education Services has rolled out a new learning resource that delivers in-application learning – providing step-by-step guidance embedded in NetSuite to help educate employees about system functionality and features.  

NetSuite Guided Learning(opens in new tab) was designed to provide answers at your fingertips; no more stopping your flow of work to find answers from unreliable sources, or worse, trying to decipher hard-to-follow solutions.

"When preparing the NetSuite Guided Learning experience, we focused on streamlining learning for our users," said Chris Meade, senior program manager for NetSuite Education Services. "With this update, we've embedded real-time, contextual guidance within NetSuite for all types of user roles and experience levels. Our aspiration is that with Guided Learning, NetSuite becomes an intuitive companion for continuous learning and growth."

Next-Gen eLearning

In-application learning allows you to learn within NetSuite as the system provides timely guides, step-by-step instructions, and other bite-sized pieces of learning material that evolve with your work.

NetSuite Guided Learning offers contextual, on-demand guidance inside your NetSuite instance for specific tasks and features — like customizing dashboards, working with reports, managing leads or activities through pre-built lists and KPIs, and more.

NetSuite Guided Learning offers:

  • Visual walk-throughs. Within the Guided Learning widget on your NetSuite dashboard, you’ll see a full list of of learning resources to choose from. These guides offer not just steps, but visualizations to direct your next move in your NetSuite screen in real-time.
  • Step-by-step guidance. Easily learn the flow of key tasks by following detailed, yet straightforward, instructions that take you through completing an actual task.
  • Self-managed learning. With Guided Learning, you are empowered to use it at your point of need. Whether you need a full tutorial or simply a quick refresh on a step midway, Guided Learning adapts with you in real time, personalizing the entire journey.
  • Progress tracking. The Guided Learning widget will dynamically display and update your progress based on what you are doing in NetSuite. Steps will automatically be checked off when completed and you can revisit the guides as needed.

Learning Guides: Roles-Based Resources

With over 50 interactive learning guides, there’s something for businesses at all stages of their NetSuite journey to maximize their ERP investment.

For new users looking to quickly get oriented to NetSuite and ramp up their productivity, role-based guides provide support for key NetSuite roles including finance, project management, marketing, and sales.

Learn while you work by learning how to navigate through your dashboard and personalize with portlets available to your role. As you move around in NetSuite, Guided Learning is right there with you. Guides will dynamically display based on what you are doing in NetSuite.

More experienced with NetSuite? Then dive into the key task guides, and learn how to further optimize your use of the Suite. These guides highlight next-level techniques and tips (plus a few hidden gems), such as maximizing the benefits of global search, creating and editing shortcuts, customizing home dashboards, and more.

In addition to Guided Learning, employees at all levels can easily access further support resources from many guides, like:

  • NetSuite MyLearn(opens in new tab): A digital learning platform with access to personalized learning paths, on-demand modules, live interactive webinar trainings, and practice environments.
  • SuiteAnswers(opens in new tab) (NetSuite login required): A comprehensive knowledge center with searchable access to support articles, help topics, and training videos.
  • NetSuite Support Community(opens in new tab): A global, online forum that allows customers, partners, and developers to ask questions, get information on updates, and make new connections in the NetSuite community.

Multiple Forms of Learning to Support Your Entire NetSuite Journey

Learning opportunities with NetSuite don’t stop with the Guided Learning. Companies can further their learning with NetSuite Education Services core offering: the Learning Cloud Support (LCS) Company Pass(opens in new tab).

The LCS Company Pass draws on the NetSuite Education Services’ experience supporting thousands of customer implementations and offers everything from on-demand eLearning courses and hands-on lab exercises to interactive webinars and training sessions. Supporting the entire learning journey, NetSuite Education Services is here to help our customers whether it be coming back to reinforce something they may have missed or learning something brand new.

NetSuite Guided Learning is included in all NetSuite editions with the NetSuite 2023.2 release(opens in new tab) at no additional cost.  Once your account has been updated, log in to your NetSuite account to get started. In the meantime, check out this video(opens in new tab) to see NetSuite Guided Learning in action.


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