Why are the World’s Most Game-Changing Companies Standardizing on Cloud ERP?

June 17, 2014

The new generation of leading companies think, act and operate differently and are changing the dynamics of business.  The most innovative companies(opens in new tab) are growing at meteoric unprecedented rates, winning market share, and transforming industries.

Kiva, who has revolutionized the micro-finance industry, supports the distribution of more than $300 million in loans to entrepreneurs in 55 countries. 

Splunk pioneered the new “Big Data” space and continues its success with a recent IPO on NASDAQ.  Jawbone completely re-imagined the mobile audio technology industry and was recently recognized by Fast Company as one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world!  The list of game-changing companies goes on: Square, Groupon, Magellan, Zumba, YouSendIt, Evernote, Box, GoPro, Speck, Roku, Glassdoor.com, Lytro, Yammer, Ooma, and Burt’s Bees...

So, what do these companies have in common and why are they consistently out-maneuvering and out-performing their larger, better-funded competitors?  These innovative, fast-growing businesses(opens in new tab) outperform their peers because they move and adapt more quickly, make better decisions faster, operate with greater efficiency, and enable significantly more productive employees.  They also all run their core business operations on modern, cloud-based business management software from NetSuite, the leading cloud ERP system and the world’s fastest growing financial management solution for the last three years according to Gartner*.

The results of moving to the cloud speak for themselves:  Since deploying NetSuite and integrating the entire customer transaction cycle on a single cloud business management platform, GoPro(opens in new tab) reduced order management response time more than 16X and slashed order processing from 12 minutes down to 30 seconds. Similarly, Glassdoor.com(opens in new tab) increased transaction volume 5X without adding any staff and cut monthly close times 75% by moving to NetSuite.

You can learn more about why the world’s fastest growing companies are moving to the cloud at our September 26th webinar(opens in new tab) featuring two more game-changing companies,haha yes!! SurveyMonkey and Solio.

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* Source:

Gartner April 2012 Report. Market Share: FMS Solutions. Top 10 FMS.

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