Manglam Electricals Connects Its Finances and Supply Chain to Power Long-Term Growth

Since 1979, India-based Manglam Electricals has distributed high-quality electro-electric components such as sensors to top OEMs, system integrators, and re-sellers locally and from Europe, the U.S., and Japan. The distributor relies on timely insights to manage its inventory, prevent stockouts and fulfill customer orders on time. However, doing so became increasingly challenging as its business grew—and when it added consulting services to its offering, it was time for a new system.

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“With NetSuite as the backbone of our business, we can run our operations more efficiently. Our teams now work collaboratively and make timely, informed decisions to deliver better value to customers.” Mr. Niraj Khandelwal, CEO, Manglam Electricals

Optimizing End-to-End Processes

An insights-driven business
Although Manglam Electricals started as a purely component seller, over time the company began providing industry-specific knowledge and technical expertise to deliver more value to its customers. On the product side, it relies heavily on timely insights of its work orders and inventory to prevent stockouts and fulfill orders on time.
Struggling to see a full picture
As the business grew, Manglam Electricals struggled to manage its accounting and inventory efficiently and get a comprehensive view of the business. Its old system, Tally 9.0, kept supply chain and financial data in separate areas.
Integrated systems make tracking easy
NetSuite partner Jobin and Jismi IT Services helped Manglam Electricals integrate its financial and supply chain processes with NetSuite. As a result, Manglam Electricals fixed its issue with negative inventory with enhanced demand planning. Teams now have real-time visibility of order status and overall cash flow.
Compliant and uncomplicated
In the near future, Manglam Electricals plans to start using NetSuite to simplify its complex HR processes and process payroll more efficiently and accurately. It will also use NetSuite to continue complying with India’s accounting standards and tax requirements while improving its financial analysis and budgeting capabilities.


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