NetSuite Alliance Spotlight Award Winners: NetSuite Supports Company Growth and Enables Quick Shifts to E-Commerce

Hayley Null, Manager, Alliance and SDN Marketing

May 31, 2022

At NetSuite, we’re extremely proud of all of our Alliance Partners and the outstanding work they do for our customers. Through our Alliance Partner Spotlight Awards, we recognize companies that have demonstrated commitment and success in implementing NetSuite, including partners that have developed outstanding expertise, customizations and/or intellectual property in specific micro-verticals and those that demonstrate commitment to and success in implementing OpenAir, SuiteCommerce and NetSuite Planning and Budgeting.

 NetSuite Helps Spur Company Growth

Founded in 1976, Henry Bear’s Park is a specialty toy store with locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In addition to its brick-and-mortar presence, the company has expanded into the e-commerce world. Most of that work was supported by NetSuite, with Intente as the toy store’s development partner.

Intente helped the retailer through the entire design, implementation, testing and go-live process for NetSuite, which today runs practically all of the company’s functions, excluding HR. Intente was instrumental in offloading all the development headaches from the Henry Bear’s Park team and bringing its site to life. Customizations that Intente handled include a custom-branded theme and a “shop by age” gift finder.

Henry Bear's Park toy store employee
NetSuite helped Henry Bear's Park go omnichannel.

According to the company, NetSuite has allowed Henry Bear’s Park to expand from brick-and-mortar into e-commerce and give its customers an omnichannel experience. Its NetSuite SuiteCommerce web store was relaunched with a new custom theme, reorganized category structure and custom extensions for more functionality. The end result is a playful and clean web store that reflects the company's unique brand and complements its physical locations.  

Path Robotics, an engineer-to-order maker of complex manufacturing robots, was exiting its startup phase and achieving hypergrowth — expanding from 50 to 250 employees within a one-year span. This included leveraging NetSuite’s platform to automate the process of converting inventory to assets in support of Path Robotics’ subscription model. Path Robotics’ customers subscribe to use its equipment and receive software updates and maintenance services as part of that investment.

Path Robotics relied on disparate software systems and manual processes to manage its procurement, engineering, operations and accounting. This led to misalignment and poor visibility across the operation. Working with Bridgepoint, Path Robotics set a 90-day timeline for its NetSuite implementation, knowing that it had new product builds coming online soon and that it needed a unified ERP to support that workload.

For Path Robotics, Bridgepoint developed a process design and technology build that balanced the manufacturer’s need to manage product complexity while simplifying its processes and transactions, all while laying a foundation for future growth. Today, the manufacturer uses NetSuite as its core business system, relying on direct integrations with SolidWorks for product data, for AP, NextService for post-installation services and SourceDay for supplier collaboration. SolidWorks is the tool used by Path Robotics Engineers to design its robotic welding product. The “product data” brought into NetSuite are the items and bills of material used to plan and track manufacturing in the NetSuite Manufacturing module.

Supporting Growing Businesses

Hampton Farms has also experienced significant growth since working with Bring IT to implement NetSuite. In the past 100 years, the 1,800-employee company has grown from a small family business to a family of businesses. Today, Hampton Farms is the leading roaster of in-shell peanuts in the United States, providing America’s finest nut-based food products direct to customers nationwide.

Hampton Farms previously used Infor, but the company’s very complex manufacturing and demand planning requirements and need to integrate both Shopify and USDA systems prompted a move to NetSuite.

Bring IT designed and developed a tailored solution for Hampton Farms, which today uses all available NetSuite modules for the food and beverage industry, including planning and budgeting and warehouse management. The company has 13 subsidiaries, each of which is using its own instance of the ERP. Bring IT also developed several customizations for Hampton Farms, including order management, order fulfillment, warehouse and inventory management, demand planning and intercompany transactions.

“Before NetSuite, we never had real-time inventory, and cycle counting meant all shipping transactions and production flow in the facilities had to stop,” said controller Eric Edwards. “As a result we lost eight hours of production each month. With NetSuite, we have real-time inventory, and stopping production and shipping to count inventory is a thing of the past.”

Other key wins include a 30% reduction in accounts payable close times, access to real-time dashboards and key performance indicators and easier onboarding of newly acquired entities. 

“Our last acquisition was up and running on NetSuite within four business days,” said Edwards. “Previous acquisitions on the legacy ERP would have taken approximately one month to integrate.” 

Founded in 2008, BetterLesson provides one-time teacher workshops as well as one-on-one coaching on an annual basis to educators, schools and entire school districts. As BetterLesson grew to become a top North American education services company, with 175 employees and more than 1.4 million registered members, it realized it needed a unified ERP to manage the expanding business. After looking at options from Intacct and NetSuite, the company selected NetSuite and worked with Plative to implement its new ERP. 

To ensure BetterLesson’s success, Plative provided the SuiteSuccess Services Standard SKU, with advanced financials, item management, order-to-cash/billing, advanced revenue management and procure-to-pay; a custom script that automatically triggers event-based revenue recognition for training events; and direct API integration with Salesforce CPQ, which Plative also implemented. 

The project was a success, and the NetSuite partner had BetterLesson live on its new ERP within the allotted timeframe and under budget.

Integrating Outside Systems With Ease

Import and domestic aftermarket auto parts specialist Tom Auto Parts takes pride in selling the highest-quality new auto parts available on the market today. The company scours the globe for factories that make parts, buys parts directly from these manufacturers and then stocks them in its Phoenix warehouse. Parts are then sold under the Tom Auto Parts brand. 

Because the company buys in large quantities, it’s able to bypass the trading companies, domestic program groups, distributors, parts stores and installers that can add time and costs to the auto parts supply chain. 

Live on NetSuite since January 2022, Tom Auto Parts worked with Folio3 to implement NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Wholesale Distribution and extensive omnichannel retail connector elements. NetSuite was integrated directly with eBay, Amazon and the company’s Magento web store. Folio3 used a team-based model and provided a skilled NetSuite technical resource to augment the customer’s internal team on a full-time basis.  

Supporting a High Volume of Products

Founded in 2015 by celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin, OUAI’s goal is to create luxurious hair and body care products that nourish from the inside out. The company manages a high volume of products and is continually innovating and introducing new options to the haircare market. Today, the company has $58 million in annual sales — an increase from $10 million in 2015 — and 58 employees. 

MindStream worked to implement NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Premium, which OUAI uses for accounting, sales to order, order to cash and inventory management and to budget and forecast its product cost and revenue by sales channel and customer. OUAI is a proponent of using insights from its balance sheet to forecast cash flow trends, and it also uses NetSuite for workforce planning.  

Since implementing NetSuite, the company has improved its operational efficiency and accounting visibility. Various systems, including, Expensify and EDI, are all synced with NetSuite, which opens new automation possibilities. NetSuite Planning and Budgeting allows OUAI to develop a dynamic rolling forecast mechanism by integrating NetSuite with the PBCS OPEX function. This allows the company’s vice presidents to compare actual spending versus their original plans, understand the deviation between the two, and express their changing views in the rolling forecast scenario.

Using Smart View, OUAI can flexibly customize reports based on multiple dimensions analysis. This powerful analytics tool helps the company analyze margins by SKU, product class, customer and sales channel over a multi-year horizon. 

Yasso, a manufacturer of frozen Greek yogurt, has used NetSuite since 2020 when it selected iCloudAuthority as its implementation. At the time, the company was using a combination of QuickBooks plus various other products that didn’t provide the single entry point and rich data that the fast-growing manufacturer needed.

iCloudAuthority completed several critical customizations for Yasso, including automation to account for trade promotions, track third-party manufacturers' performance against purchase orders and establish EDI transactions, which are essential for consumer packaged goods (CPG) organizations. Yasso also licensed several SuiteApps from iCloud Authority to automate other financial processes, including iCA ePayables, iCA eRemittances, and several instances of iCA eConnector that seamlessly connected them to their banks.

Today, Yasso is growing exponentially in the CPG space, with orders from Kroger, Walmart, Target and other major grocery retailers. The company is well-positioned to support its aggressive growth agenda and meet future plans as it scales its business.

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