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Small and midsize UK companies standardize on Oracle® Small Business Suite and NetSuite

LONDON, 9 Oct., 2003—NetSuite, Inc. (formerly NetLedger), makers of Oracle Small Business Suite, today announced that more than 100 UK small to midsize businesses have standardized their business operations – sales, order management, support, financials, inventory and warehouse management, payroll, and supply chain – on either Oracle Small Business Suite or NetSuite. With today's UK launch of Oracle Small Business Suite and NetSuite (see accompanying release), the number of UK customers will grow substantially, and will add to the companies around the world who have subscribed to the company's application services. The Oracle Small Business Suite name is used under license from Oracle Corporation (ORCL). For a free test-drive of NetSuite, please go to

Frustrated with the cost and complexity of using different software packages to run business operations, businesses come to NetSuite for its on-demand, integrated application that automates both front- and back-office operations – from contact to contract to cash to customer support. Oracle Small Business Suite and NetSuite provide unprecedented power, effectiveness and productivity at a fraction of the cost for traditional, non-integrated software solutions.

"Companies struggle to integrate multiple software applications to run their business, and software vendors like Sage and Microsoft whose primary application integration strategy is to hand the customer one invoice that 'integrates' line items for separate ERP and CRM applications only makes the problem worse," said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite, Inc. "At NetSuite, we built a single application integrating complete CRM and ERP by design. For the first time customers can spend their resources on running their business, rather than spending them on running some vendor's software."

"Our business operates across a diverse range of geographical locations, so having a common communication and IT system infrastructure was particularly important to us," said Gerry Kerins, Financial Director of Rococo Chocolates ( in London. “Rococo is growing steadily, so we needed a flexible and scaleable IT platform upon which to face the challenges of a growing company. NetSuite provides us with the powerful combination of a sophisticated, enterprise wide system hosted on the Web at a price point that is appropriate for a growing SME like ourselves. For Rococo it's the right product at the right time."

“Our business moves pretty fast and in high volume," said Ash Thapar, managing director at London-based Sansar Solutions (, which procures electronic components from manufacturers throughout Europe, Asia and in the US. "It's so competitive these days that you need everything at your fingertips. NetSuite gives us that advantage we need to compete in a global industry. What's more, we will save more than £20,000 a year – much more than we paid for the application – in administrative salaries, thanks to efficiencies gained through NetSuite. When you factor in IT cost savings, implementation cost savings, and ongoing maintenance costs, you can easily double that cost-savings figure."

"For our CRM needs, we needed much more functionality than a glorified contact management application like could provide," said Mener Tsitsis, owner of JTA Property (, a property management firm based in London. "We leverage NetSuite's CRM functionality to maintain tenant billing history, schedule jobs based on refurbishment and maintenance needs, track time, and to track lead and prospect information. It has boosted the level of customer service that JTA can provide to its tenants by allowing them to e-mail work requests, which the system automatically processes and assigns to a contractor."

"NetSuite is allowing me to launch a company with every part of my business integrated, including my warehouse,"


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