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NetSuite Offers Free Training for QuickBooks Defectors

San Mateo, CA—September 23, 2004—NetSuite, Inc., today announced that following last month's announcement of NetSuite Small Business for companies outgrowing QuickBooks, it is offering two free training seminars to all new NetSuite Small Business customers who have switched from QuickBooks. These new seminars are conducted by experts from NetSuite's Training Team who have helped thousands of customers move from QuickBooks to NetSuite. All customers who have purchased NetSuite Small Business in the past 6 months are eligible to register. For more information about the free training sessions please go to

Small business customers are switching from QuickBooks to NetSuite Small Business because as their business grows so does their need for a more robust software solution. Customers are finding that off-the-shelf packages are limiting their growth potential by limiting the number of users, transactions, and data managed by the software package. Customers are switching to NetSuite because they have recognized the need for one solution to manage their entire business, an integrated system which will grow with them and provide the business intelligence needed to continually expand their business.

QuickBooks' limitations for growing businesses include:

  • Technical Limitations: QuickBooks Enterprise, Intuit's top-of-the-line product only allows a maximum of 10 users and 120,000 records. NetSuite allows an unlimited number of users and records.
  • Physical Limitations: QuickBooks Enterprise has to be managed, upgraded and updated by the user, and is not easily accessible via the Internet. NetSuite Small Business is completely managed, upgraded and updated by NetSuite. Because it is a Web-based, Web-native application it is accessible anytime, anywhere. All that is needed is a browser and a network connection.
  • Functionality Limitations: QuickBooks Enterprise is essentially an accounting package, with limited or no functionality in eCommerce, customer relationship management, and inventory management. NetSuite is a complete business application that manages an entire business, from contact to contract to cash.

These two free training seminars are specifically designed to help QuickBooks defectors learn NetSuite Small Business easily and quickly. The first class, entitled "Quick and Easy Transition from QuickBooks to NetSuite Small Business," trains users on how to complete frequently performed QuickBooks tasks in NetSuite and demonstrates the navigational similarity of the two products. The second class, "Getting Started in NetSuite Small Business," provides systems administrators with an overview of NetSuite Small Business terminology, navigation tips, and setup considerations. The seminars are offered each Tuesday for the month of September and each Thursday for the month of October.

"NetSuite Small Business is a very easy-to-use application, but because companies are looking to do more with it than they could with QuickBooks, these free training classes will help our customers get the most from NetSuite," said Tamera Scholz, senior manager of training services for NetSuite. "Given our experience with thousands of customers who are in the same boat, we are able to quickly synthesize and present what they will need to turbo-charge their business."

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