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NetSuite replaces SAP R/3 at AKSA in 7 months, resulting in significant savings

SuiteFlex Enables Application Verticalisation to Meet Specific Textile Industry Needs

SAN MATEO, Calif., September 18, 2007—NetSuite Inc., a vendor of on-demand, integrated business management application suites that provide ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Ecommerce functionality for small and medium-sized businesses and divisions of large companies, today announced that manufacturer Asahi Kasei Spandex America Inc (AKSA) has automated its key back-office operations — from accounting to inventory management to procurement to sales order management to financial reporting. With NetSuite, AKSA is now running its ERP on NetSuite with more flexibility and simplicity at a much lower cost than required by its previous SAP software. In fact, AKSA estimates that it has achieved significant cost savings while at the same time adding enhanced functionality to help meet the complex needs of its business. The costs savings include reduced or eliminated costs of hardware, remote access and third party consultants. Asahi Kasei Spandex America Inc is a subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Group (TSE: 34070), a corporation headquartered in Japan. For more information please visit

With US headquarters in Charleston, S.C., AKSA develops and produces brand fibers of outstanding quality for nearly all fields of applications of textile production. Known for its Roica® & Dorlastan® brands, which are woven into fabrics used around the world, AKSA requires the flexibility to match its customers' needs in the dynamic and highly cost competitive textile industry.

In order to keep pace with the textile industry, AKSA needed to run its complex business smoothly with a lean and nimble team and relatively little overhead costs. NetSuite, with its deep functionality and software as a service (SaaS) delivery model, became an obvious choice. With NetSuite, AKSA has achieved the detail and transparency in customer analysis and financial reporting it desired to manage its business in a timely fashion. Additionally, NetSuite has helped the company dramatically reduce its IT costs including consultant fees and infrastructure. Managers can gain instant access from virtually anywhere into the company's processes. And NetSuite's ease of use allows managers and staff to concentrate on their real jobs rather than wasting time wrestling with a complex system to try to get it to produce the information that these employees need to do their jobs effectively.

Key to the implementation was the customisation technology found in NetSuite. The NetSuite-Asahi Kasei team leveraged NetSuite's SuiteFlexTM functionality, and in particular, the combination of NetSuite's SuiteScriptTM and SuiteTalkTM to address key requirements unique to the textile production industry.

One of Asahi Kasei's key business processes revolves around the process of assigning manufactured goods to sales orders to ensure that individual customer requirements are met with products having the appropriate characteristics. Through the successful use of SuiteScript Suitelets and SuiteScript UI Objects, AKSA built a custom application hosted entirely within NetSuite to effectively assign manufactured goods to sales orders. AKSA also took advantage of SuiteTalk, NetSuite's standards-based, Web services APIs. SuiteTalk enabled the customisation of NetSuite to meet Asahi's industry-specific needs. Asahi Kasei can send and receive manufactured goods information, like carton specifications, as well as picking and shipping data, to and from their manufacturing system.

"I was looking for a solution that would result in not only up-front but on-going savings," said David Stover, Chief Financial Officer of AKSA's operations in Charleston, S.C. "SAP requires very specifically trained individuals to operate the system successfully. I needed a system that emphasises ease of use, intuitive processes and one that can be managed with minimal effort. After shopping around, NetSuite quickly became the obvious choice. NetSuite has an open, flexible strategy, thereby allowing quick and easy customisation. Its remote access is also a big plus for us. Financial reports are available at my fingertips from virtually anywhere in the world with Internet access."

For more information about NetSuite, please visit the NetSuite website.

NOTE: NetSuite, the NetSuite logo, SuiteFlex, and SuiteScript are registered service-marks or trademarks of NetSuite, Inc.


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