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NetERP attracts mid-sized enterprises from Great Plains, MAS 90

Companies automate back-office and online operations at a fraction fo the cost and pain

San Mateo, Calif., July 30, 2003 — NetLedger, Inc., makers of Oracle® Small Business Suite, today announced that mid-sized enterprises have switched from traditional back-office software including Microsoft Great Plains and MAS 90 driven by its newly announced NetERP. The newly announced NetERP is a complete back-office application integrating order, inventory, and procurement business process management with robust financials to provide supply chain management and e-commerce for mid-size businesses. The Oracle Small Business Suite name is used under license from Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL).

NetERP is an inseparable component of NetLedger's award-winning NetSuite. The software applications utilized by most mid-sized companies do not allow business processes to run seamlessly across front and back-office functions. These companies run their business on separate, expensive software packages – one for accounting, one for warehousing, one for sales force management and one for customer support. Additionally, the ongoing cost of running the software and integrating data from such multiple, incompatible systems has been high. NetERP addresses the issues associated with the back-office of a business. Because NetERP ties together with CRM, NetSuite helps mid-sized businesses overcome these challenges.

"Many companies have not upgraded their back-office software since they updated it to solve the Y2K problem," said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetLedger. "In 2003, they now have new problems to address – integrating with business partners, seamlessly supporting e-commerce, and tying together operations spread around the globe. They find that their new problems are very difficult to be solved by archaic software architectures and solutions. Mid-sized companies spend millions of dollars tying together an accounting system from one vendor with CRM software from another vendor. NetSuite, by integrating complete ERP and CRM functionality in a single, easy-to-use application, eliminates these costs completely.”

Many mid-sized companies have replaced Great Plains software and MAS 90 and standardized their businesses on NetERP. These companies have saved an enormous amount of time and money while improving productivity since implementing NetERP.

"The ease of use of NetERP within NetSuite compared to Great Plains was one of our key deciding factors," said Matt Lane, MIS Director at RLE Technologies (, a manufacturer of water leak detection and web-enabled monitoring products, based in Fort Collins, CO. "Training our employees is so much easier now. Before we spent hours re-educating new employees with Great Plains. NetERP is also much less expensive. Adding Microsoft's CRM package to our existing solution would have cost an additional $20,000 in hardware, software, and consulting fees. All in all, we wish we would have known about NetERP/NetSuite sooner but we are very pleased to have it now."

"For years our information resided on three different systems," said Joe Walker, Vice President, Elcometer Inc. (, a distributor of paint inspection instruments. "Those systems were FilePro for our database, GoldMine for our customer contacts, and Great Plains/Real World for our accounting. We had to input data between those systems four times. In short, it was a nightmare. What we needed was a one-stop shop. I looked for two years for something to replace Great Plains. To have one Web-based application for everything I need to run my business seems so simple, yet in today's business environment it is truly unique. I think NetLedger really nailed it down with NetERP, the back-office application and of course its complete front- and back-office solution, NetSuite."


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