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NetSuite for Venture Capital Firms

NetSuite gives venture capital firms the confidence that their investments have the software backbone to scale quickly and reach new markets—from pre-seed stage to IPO. With tailored offerings and optimized pricing, firms are aligned with the NetSuite’s Venture Capital Practice to ensure investments are matched with the right solutions, at the right price, to enable success and operational excellence.

NetSuite’s Venture Capital Practice

NetSuite’s Venture Capital Practice works with firms to deliver exceptional service to your investments running on NetSuite. The team provides VC firms with a stable buying experience by offering preferred pricing, a single point of contact for escalations, executive alignment and access to an extensive partner network. Enable consistent success across your investments when you align with NetSuite’s Venture Capital Practice and enjoy the following complimentary services:

Portfolio Wide Support

NetSuite’s Venture Capital Practice serves as a central point of contact for your firm and all investments running on NetSuite. The same core onboarding team will be aligned (when possible) for investments who are first-time customers ensuring repeatable success. A similar or same account manager will be assigned to existing NetSuite customers within your portfolio so they will have the ultimate familiarity and visibility needed to drive consistent operational excellence. The Venture Capital Practice manages all teams involved in your investments’ success with NetSuite and serves as direct point of contact for any escalations to mitigate and reduce risk.

Preferred Licensing & Commercial Terms

Venture Capital Firms and their investments are offered preferred licensing discounts, renewal terms and hourly rates for the Professional Services Team, when they align with NetSuite’s Venture Capital Practice. Pre-negotiated baseline contracts allow your firm and investments to avoid headaches with conventional legal processes and expedite the addition of new investments to the NetSuite platform.

Corporate Partnership Network

NetSuite prides itself on cultivating strong relationships, especially with partners. NetSuite’s Partner Program allows end customers to leverage and extend every aspect of the NetSuite platform. Venture capital firms get exclusive access to the corporate partnership network when they align with NetSuite’s Venture Capital Practice. Utilize business process outsourcing (BPO) partners to ensure your early stage investments have the core operational structure necessary to meet investor expectations at a cost appropriate to their development. Or utilize NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Developer Network to help your more specialized investments build out complimentary solutions to extend the NetSuite platform to their specific requirements. Whatever unique needs your investments may have, NetSuite and its valued partners can enable them to execute on even the most complicated objectives.


Venture Capital Companies Thrive on NetSuite

Accelerate IPO Objectives with NetSuite


With thousands of successful implementations across industries worldwide, NetSuite understands the challenges businesses face from pre-revenue to IPO. For VC-backed companies, this often means migrating onto a comprehensive financial management solution on an accelerated timeline. With SuiteSuccess Starter Edition, NetSuite’s comprehensive solution for early stage companies, investments can leverage pre-configured KPIs, workflows, reminders, reports and value-driven dashboards in a single unified system. Activation-style professional services delivery ensures businesses can be up and running on a cloud-based platform in as little as 45 days. NetSuite delivers so your investments can focus on the reasons you invested in them in the first place.


Go Public with NetSuite

NetSuite understands what it takes for a business to reach IPO. That’s why six out of the top seven best performing tech stocks of 2019 are NetSuite customers.

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