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Redcat Racing Shifts into High Gear with NetSuite

The Phoenix-based distributor of high-performance, radio-controlled, hobby cars and parts struggled with poor inventory controls, limited visibility into business operations, and the error-prone, manual reconciliation of its separate accounting, ecommerce and inventory systems. Its 100 percent, year-over-year growth exacerbated the situation, demanding a robust solution to replace its ailing, homegrown, ecommerce system and QuickBooks implementation.

Redcat Racing


Redcat Racing


Wholesale Distribution


Phoenix, Ariz.


Microsoft Dynamics AX


TrueCloud Solutions


Tempe, Ariz.


QuickBooks, Homegrown Ecommerce


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“We see NetSuite as a one-of-a-kind employee. The contract costs about as much as one person but it never goes to sleep, never complains and can always do more. Plus, it knows as much as anyone about our company.” Dan Sloan, COO, Redcat Racing

Single, Cloud Solution Streamlines Operations, Drives Growth

Unified Cloud Platform Provides Inventory Visibility
In 2008, Redcat partnered with TrueCloud Solutions to implement NetSuite for financial and inventory management. Redcat later deployed SuiteCommerce to run both its B2C and B2B ecommerce sites. With ecommerce natively integrated with NetSuite’s back-end systems, Redcat now gets end-to-end, real-time inventory visibility. Ecommerce now drives 95 percent of Redcat’s total revenue.
Shipping Efficiencies Increase, Revenues Soar
Revenues have increased nearly 12-fold. A partnership with Ozlink mobilized warehouse management, and functionality from Ozlink and SPS Commerce integrated shipping with major carriers and Amazon. Dashboards lend full visibility to avoid possible bottlenecks.
Platform Scales with Growth
NetSuite’s cloud-based platform scales with surging demand. Instead of spending big on servers or IT personnel, a streamlined operation means resources remain focused on customer-facing, revenue-generating initiatives.


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