Anisa International Streamlines Chinese Manufacturing Operations with NetSuite OneWorld

Anisa International


Anisa International


Atlanta, Ga.



Applications Replaced

MYOB, Microsoft Excel


NetSuite Manufacturing
NetSuite OneWorld


Trigger Networks


Hong Kong

“As a manufacturer, we needed a solution that could handle the full cycle covering manufacturing, inventory and financials. NetSuite is extremely robust and gives us scalability to grow.“ Anisa International

Customer Success

  • Designer and manufacturer of high-quality cosmetic brushes have improved operational efficiency 25% since upgrading from MYOB to NetSuite.
  • Since going live in June 2012, NetSuite has supported 19% revenue growth for Anisa, named to the Inc. Top 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies in America list.
  • NetSuite manufacturing capabilities, introduced in December 2013 at Anisa's wholly-owned 600-person factory in Tianjin, China, help streamline production of 22 million cosmetic brushes a year.
  • NetSuite manufacturing enables Anisa to reduce waste and inefficiency at the China plant with capabilities for bills of materials, work orders, assembly and bin-level management, routings and requirements planning.
  • Creation of purchase orders and bills of materials from sales orders for China production are automated through workflow, saving significant time over previous manual processes.
  • Using NetSuite, Anisa is rolling out new metrics-based monitoring of on-time delivery, volume and quality and other measures at the China plant, with performance bonuses for personnel based on quantified data.
  • OneWorld multilingual capabilities support Mandarin language for NetSuite usage by Anisa personnel at the China manufacturing subsidiary.
  • NetSuite enabled Anisa to bring new physical controls to inventory management at the China plant, accounting for raw materials, work in progress and finished goods.
  • NetSuite enables greater efficiency to help Anisa expand its business of producing cosmetic brushes and kits for 75 brands including Sephora, Target, L'Oréal and Estée Lauder.
  • Breakthrough visibility into sales, inventory and profitability enabled through NetSuite are helping guide strategic decisions for Anisa’s growth.
  • Anisa has accelerated its invoicing processes and cash flow by up to three weeks since going live on NetSuite.
  • Monthly financial close time has been reduced from two weeks to one week.


  • Limitations in MYOB data capacity, reporting capabilities and inventory management resulted in daily challenges and time-consuming manual work.
  • Absence of sophisticated IT software and infrastructure at the China manufacturing plant created manual workflows, unnecessary waste and undermined corporate visibility.
  • Performance management was limited by Excel-based reporting on China operations.
  • Lack of multilingual support in MYOB prevented rollout to China personnel.


  • Cloud ERP and manufacturing capabilities met Anisa’s desire to avoid in-house software, servers and a costly IT department.
  • NetSuite OneWorld and manufacturing capabilities supplied an ideal combination for brush production in China with on-demand control and visibility from the U.S.
  • Services by NetSuite Solution Provider partner Trigger Networks, based in Beijing, helped ensure a quality implementation meeting Anisa’s unique business demands in China.

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