Nonprofit Organizations

One integrated, cloud application to manage your entire organization.

Break Down Silos

Ease the burden of maintaining multiple systems and focus on your core mission.

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Boost Your Resources

Strengthen connections with existing donors, find new supporters and deliver better programs and services.

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Fuel Your Mission

Through innovative products and services, every nonprofit has the opportunity to leverage NetSuite to fuel its mission.

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Product features

Constituent Relationship Management

Break down silos and empower your organization with a 360-degree view of your donors, volunteers, supporters, clients—all in one place.

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Manage your entire revenue lifecycle, from pledge to payment, and grow the support you need for long-term success.

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Nonprofit Financial Management

Gain efficiencies with a powerful nonprofit financial management and accounting system purpose-built to meet the complex needs of nonprofit organizations.

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Spend Management

Ensure full accountability and stewardship of funds and gain complete control and visibility over total spend.

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Financial Planning

Equip your nonprofit with planning, budgeting and forecasting tools to ensure financial stability and growth and achieve your mission.

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Online Ecommerce

Whether you sell publications, items or fundraising premiums, NetSuite's ecommerce solution gets you up and running quickly and integrates with your entire organization.

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Reporting and Analytics

From reporting and analytics to insight and decision-making, gain a more complete picture of your nonprofit on-demand and in real-time.

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Global Management

Expand your mission globally and focus your resources on achieving social impact, not managing IT complexity.

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NetSuite for Nonprofit Organizations

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