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Family-owned businesses are the lifeblood of the economy. However, these businesses face challenges with managing accounts and inventory in spreadsheets, creating invoices with Word documents and hosting websites on entry-level Internet hosting services. The result is a lack of control, processes that are manual or managed across disparate systems, little or no visibility into operations, ad hoc reporting and an inability to meet customer demand. Family businesses need to make decisions based on solid data. They don’t have time to struggle with invoices, reconciliations, missing orders and spreadsheets and win business from larger competitors.

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Grow, Thrive, Adapt. Repeat.

Business management software provides family-owned businesses with a way to grow, thrive and adapt. It is critical to ensure good decision making and effective management over invoicing, billing, collections, accounting, customer service, inventory, complex data and multiple locations.

NetSuite’s modern, cloud-based integrated business management software enables companies to break through the shackles of entry-level software systems and manual processes that stifle growth without huge upfront costs or IT resources. It scales effortlessly and has delivered proven results for almost two decades allowing family-owned and operated business to grow and thrive for generations, now and future.

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Affordable and Customizable

A modern, agile business solution that is cost-effective, scales rapidly and always current

NetSuite delivers a flexible, agile and scalable cloud business solution which eliminates on premise IT costs and provides automatic updates, at no charge, so your software is always current. NetSuite can easily be customized to meet your business specific needs.

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Comprehensive Solution

Standardize on a single business solution for all your different department needs

NetSuite provides a comprehensive business solution for family-owned businesses. All your department needs from accounting and financials, orders, purchasing, payments, supply chain, inventory, customer relationships, ecommerce, operations, human resources, payroll and lot more, are delivered in a single, integrated solution. NetSuite’s multi-tax, multi-currency and multi-subsidiary functionality helps you launch new products, new channels and enter new markets. NetSuite can handle increasingly complex regulatory, operational and compliance challenges.

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Quick and Easy Implementation

An engagement methodology designed with leading practices to get you up and running in weeks

Your family-owned business will be up and running in weeks with NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess delivering unprecedented time-to-value. All the workflows, KPIs reports, dashboards and metrics, with the flexibility to personalize, are delivered on day one. With tens of thousands of successful implementations, amassed over two decades, NetSuite has a deep understanding of businesses across all industries and the many challenges that they face.

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Unified, Real-Time View of Your Business

A single version of the truth with all your data residing in a single source

NetSuite enables you to stay in control of your family-owned business. NetSuite is the only cloud solution that delivers a real-time, 360-degree view of your customers and business in real-time combining data with visual analytics to generate meaningful and actionable insights. Real-time transparency into company performance across all business functions—from summary level to transaction level.

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A Single, Unified, Cloud-based Business Management Suite

  • Financials and Accounting
  • Omnichannel Commerce
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sourcing
  • Procurement
  • Sales & Marketing / CRM
  • Warehousing
  • Customer Support
  • Human Resources / HCM

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Case Studies

Transformational Results

In a study by SL Associates, NetSuite customers reported stunning improvements in key performance metrics after switching to NetSuite’s cloud-based software solution.

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