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SuiteApps are native NetSuite applications developed by third-party software vendors with NetSuite's SuiteFlex developer tools. Some SuiteApps are Web Services integration with other systems. Installing a SuiteApp is easy; in most cases, you'll get assistance from the vendor who created the application.

SuiteApp Bundles

"Bundle" is the technical term for applications developed within NetSuite. These SuiteApps are hosted by NetSuite; they're stored in the same database and on the same servers as your company data, right in your own NetSuite account. After you've purchased a SuiteApp bundle, the NetSuite partner who created it will make the bundle available to your account. Administrators can find bundles available to your company in the Bundle Repository.

Installation is as easy as one click. All of the SuiteApp's content will automatically be inserted into your account, and all of the SuiteApp's functionality will be immediately available to your users. For more information, refer to NetSuite Help and search for "Install Bundle."

All customizations and solutions deployed using bundles are seamlessly carried forward with NetSuite version upgrades, just as is the case with customizations and configuration changes made directly in your NetSuite account.

A SuiteApp can be easily uninstalled from your account by clicking the Uninstall link. For more information, go to NetSuite Help and search for "Uninstalling a Bundle."

SuiteApp Web Services Integration

Some SuiteApps are Web Services integrations between NetSuite and other SaaS solutions. The vendor will typically provide services to setup the integration between your NetSuite account and the other system. When the integration is provided by one of our NetSuite integration partners, that company will set up the integration for you. Some integration solutions may have a hosted component delivered as a bundle. If this is the case, you'll be directed to install the necessary bundle as outlined in the SuiteApp Bundles section above.

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