• Financial and Operational Leadership. Focus on driving revenue and company growth, containing costs, reinvesting in your workforce, outperforming the competition, delighting customers and improving profitability.
  • Build the Brand. Increase the value of your business by maximizing capital, continuously improving products and services, strengthening the company’s reputation and executing on expansion strategies while maintaining an efficient organization.
  • Raise Capital. Accelerate success with powerful reporting capabilities, audit-ready financials and a system ready for what’s next, whether that’s an IPO, merger or acquisition, private equity or venture capital.
  • Engage Your Employees. Develop a collaborative work environment that makes it easy for employees, teams and departments to share information and expertise and tap available resources efficiently.
  • Business Software That Grows with You. Scale effortlessly on a solution that takes you from startup to IPO to wherever your path leads. Start by simplifying your accounting processes, then as your business grows, easily activate new functionality exactly when you need it.

Enter New Markets, Serve Customers, Increase Efficiency and Control Costs

A business owner/CEO is ultimately responsible for every decision that is made within the company. The role can be demanding, but it’s also rewarding.

One challenge: You may have a clear vision of where your company needs to be but lack clear direction on how to get there. NetSuite helps by freeing you to focus on accelerating business growth instead of managing technology. With NetSuite, you get complete visibility into your financials, customers, employees, and products and services. NetSuite provides trustworthy financial and operational insights that allow you to identify opportunities and threats and act on them with confidence.

Plus, NetSuite’s scalability, frequent updates, anytime/anywhere access and high reliability ensure you have a system that will support the business throughout its evolution.

Get smarter with a platform that offers visibility, scalability and flexibility to grow your business faster.

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Solutions Features

One Cloud Solution for Your Entire Business

NetSuite delivers features for accounting/enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), professional services automation (PSA), supply chain management (SCM), human resources and ecommerce in a single, cloud-based business management software solution that you can access from anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Scale to Support Growth

NetSuite supports companies from startups through IPO and beyond with a system that allows them to effortlessly support international operations with multi-language, multi-currency capabilities and adapt to new business models like subscription services or omnichannel commerce.

A Complete Picture of Your Business

Get a single view into all your financial and operational data and extend that insight across the company. Built-in, real-time dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), analytics and reporting provide complete summary and detailed views of finance, sales, inventory, HR, product and service performance and more.

Plan and Forecast with Confidence

Inform shareholders, financial partners and other vested parties of current results and long-term plans with confidence using unified budgeting, planning and forecasting, while sophisticated analytics capabilities allow you to quickly and easily deliver reports.

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I know this business won’t stay the same size it is today, and if I stayed with the old system, I couldn’t scale. That’s why I went with NetSuite.

Tom Schoen
CEO, BTM Global