Course Objective

The career of a NetSuite Consultant can be very fulfilling and rewarding and SuiteLife Campus is an ideal stepping stone along that path to success. The term “Campus” hints at the profile of the candidates that are suitable for the course but also the sense of community that will be created by collaborating with other NetSuite practitioners from across the region.

Over a six-week period, four of which are instructor-led, SuiteLife Campus students will acquire valuable business, consulting and ERP skills that will complement their existing academic qualifications and/or work experience. Delivered by professional NetSuite instructors, students will learn the business, soft skills and application knowledge that are fundamentally important to becoming a competent NetSuite Consultant.

As with other SuiteLife classes, the course uses a case study as the focal point in order to simulate a realistic client scenario around which core skills can be taught. Participants will learn key accounting skills, business consulting skills, client management, communication best practices, application configuration, business processes, time management plus much more! Interactive hands-on sessions will elaborate on the best methods to be successful with NetSuite clients.

NetSuite has designed the SuiteLife Campus class to be comprehensive and diverse but with a focus on accelerated onboarding in order to meet the growing demand for qualified and capable NetSuite Consultants.

SuiteLife Campus is right for you if you…

  • Are a recent college graduate looking to embark on a challenging career as a Business Consultant.
  • Are someone who has relevant industry experience and is looking to pivot in his/her career.

Key objectives include:

  • Understanding cloud ERP and SuiteSuccess
  • Developing professional business acumen and its application
  • Learning core consulting skills
  • An introduction to accounting principles for NetSuite
  • Key elements needed to configure and deploy NetSuite

Participants should be assigned a formal Mentor to support the students from the outset of the SuiteLife Campus program and beyond.

Participants must be registered for the live training at least three weeks prior to the class start date in order to complete the prerequisites. Registrations to the live training may be cancelled without penalty up to two weeks prior to the class start date.

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