Manufacturers: 2019 Release 2 Brings New Levels of Supply Chain Visibility

Gavin Davidson, Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution Industry Lead

July 21, 2019

Manufacturing is an industry in a constant state of change. Confronted with challenges on multiple fronts, from ecosystems and business models to technology and customer expectations, manufacturing firms face a mandate to improve and transform or become extinct.

Limited supply chain visibility hampers many manufacturers, resulting in delayed production, lost opportunities and excess costs. Manufacturers often struggle to manage increasingly complex supply chains that span multiple systems. More than ever, they are expected to react rapidly to unexpected forces of change. And they face constant demands to process faster, cheaper and with enhanced quality.

NetSuite 2019 Release 2 addresses these challenges by expanding on its manufacturing solution's foundation of flexibility, agility, visibility and innovation. New features and capabilities help manufacturers streamline operations for maximum production efficiency and quality, deliver outstanding customer and vendor experiences, better manage global demand and supply chain networks and tap into in-depth analytical insights quickly and easily.

Expanded Manufacturing Lineup

NetSuite has enhanced some familiar tools and introduced some new ones with the 2019 Release 2. Some of the most important pieces include:

  • Supply Chain Control Tower and Snapshot Simulations, two new features designed to help manage complex supply chains across multiple systems. The two combine to provide unparalleled visibility and enable users to avoid problems in their supply chains. The enhancements give manufacturers a single view of the state of their supply chains and deliver predicted risks and recommended actions to avoid disruptions.

  • Optimized Supply Allocation, which delivers rules-driven allocation and commitment functionality. By enabling customers to optimize their use of current and future inventory assets, Supply Allocation maximizes profitability, service levels and inventory management.
  • Updates to the Supply Chain module: It now supports all standard NetSuite languages to handle international businesses.
  • Enhancements to Advanced Manufacturing that will improve shop floor productivity and streamline day-to-day processes:
    • Enhanced Production Unit of Measure (UoM) features to enable shop floor personnel to record production quantities in any unit of measure
    • Serialized Components that allow manufacturing operators to record assembly build data directly from the shop floor
    • Inventory Status that enables warehouse staff to set aside inventory for specific work orders based on their status
  • NetSuite's Quality Management tablet's Quality Queue Customization, a feature that provides users with the ability to identify and prioritize their inspection activities.
  • New analytics throughout 2019 Release 2. The new analytics-driven Merchandise Hierarchy delivers actionable insights about all item types and attributes; Commerce Search Analytics tells manufacturers what their web customers are looking for; and prebuilt manufacturing analytics include the new SuiteAnalytics Manufacturing Production Workbook, Purchases Workbook, Master Scheduler Analytical Workbook and Inventory Workbook.

  • Other enhancements including Sales Order Guides to facilitate quicker Order Entry and Allergen Statements for both materials and finished goods. Both are designed to help Food and Beverage companies with their day-to-day operations.

Learn More About NetSuite 2019 Release 2 

There's much more for manufacturers in the updated NetSuite than can be covered in a single blog post, so be sure to check out the release notes for a full list of benefits that NetSuite's latest release can bring to your organization and the blog highlighting(opens in new tab) new functionality for all organizations.

Finally, for a hands-on primer, be sure to access your included preview account as soon as it's available. There, you'll be able to see how the new features will work with your own data and get a jumpstart on maximizing the impact of NetSuite 2019 Release 2.

NetSuite has packaged the experience gained from tens of thousands of worldwide deployments over two decades into a set of leading practices that pave a clear path to success and are proven to deliver rapid business value. With NetSuite, you go live in a predictable timeframe — smart, stepped implementations begin with sales and span the entire customer lifecycle, so there's continuity from sales to services to support.