Watch as This Female Brewery Co-Founder Inspires You to Stop Everything and Start a Business

December 11, 2019

By Kendall Fisher(opens in new tab), executive producer at Grow Wire

Most of us—at some point—come to a fork in our careers where we have to make the decision to plunge into something totally unknown or stay put in a comfortable situation. Both options have their pros and cons, but if the decision puts passion on the table, that’s another story--a story Danielle Allen knows all too well.

Allen worked in a comfortable corporate marketing job, and her friend, Jayne Lewis, worked for a big-time brewer…Until they both decided to quit their jobs in 2011 on the very same day to start their own brewing company, Two Birds Brewing—Australia’s first female-founded brewery.

Allen joins us to discuss how the two women came up with the idea for a brewing company, and why they felt so passionate about pursuing this dream that they left comfortable careers behind. She also provides guidance and advice for anyone facing a similar situation in their own careers.

The Two Birds co-founder reveals what it takes to create a product and then go to market with it—noting the importance of thick skin and a whole lot of research—and takes us through some of the peaks and valleys she and Lewis faced as first-time business owners. 

Allen even recalls a time—about two years into the venture—when they got off track and decided to take some time to remember why they started down the brewing road in the first place.

“It’s OK to not know everything!” Allen reminds all of us. “Just because you have a vision, doesn’t mean you can’t change it.”

Watch the two videos above for solid advice on following your passion and not giving up when the going gets rough.

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