Best-Selling Author, Veteran CMO Christopher Lochhead Urges Entrepreneurs to Find Gold in Niches

February 25, 2019

By Miranda Myers(opens in new tab), staff writer at Grow Wire 

Startups continue popping up everywhere, brands keep reinventing themselves and technology speeds ahead. Within that cacophony, starting a business(opens in new tab) or creating something new is more daunting than ever.

Is there even untapped space to create something successful?

In this episode of the "Grow Wire Podcast(opens in new tab),” we bring back(opens in new tab) former CMO and best-selling author, Christopher Lochhead(opens in new tab), who says yes—without a doubt. In fact, he insists the best innovations are happening right now, and there’s endless room for creation. Lochhead says the key, however, is to focus on creating your own category(opens in new tab) and defining your own niche.

“Categories make brands, not the other way around,” he explains. “The legends don’t market their brand. They market the category.”

Lochhead dissects the most effective entrepreneurs, from Elon Musk to Jeff Bezos, who he believes are all successful for the same reason: Creating a new niche or dominating an existing one.

This theme is at the core of Lochhead’s latest book, "Niche Down(opens in new tab)." We dive into the process of writing the book—including landing on the perfect title—the purpose behind the book and the message he hopes all entrepreneurs take from it. 

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