8 Inspiring Podcasts for Entrepreneurs Who Need a Boost

September 13, 2019

By Veronica Perry(opens in new tab), reporter at Grow Wire

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Starting and running a company requires both business savvy and keeping a close watch over your personal wellbeing. Burnout(opens in new tab) is a risk, and anecdotes(opens in new tab) abound(opens in new tab) of founders grappling with levels of stress that transcend those of their non-founder peers.

Just as you work to improve your businesses every day, it’s wise to invest in improving your personal life continuously. Grow Wire rounded up our favorite podcasts that can grow every aspect of your life, from increasing your self-motivation to driving your curiosity. 


1. School of Greatness(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)A guide to becoming your best self, on every level. Prior to launching his career as a lifestyle entrepreneur, Lewis Howes(opens in new tab) learned discipline as a pro athlete for the USA men's handball team. Howes prepares his listeners to face life’s most difficult moments by getting real about failure and what it actually takes to achieve success. Howes is on a mission to connect his listeners to the most powerful players in society. He hosts big names likeKobe Bryant(opens in new tab) and Gary Vaynerchuk(opens in new tab) as well as lesser-known achievers like author Vani Hari(opens in new tab) and entrepreneur Jason Wilson(opens in new tab). Howes’s podcast covers topics like health, fitness, emotional well-being, financial success and relationships. At the end of every interview, he asks his guests to name their “three truths.” Listen to "School of Greatness."(opens in new tab)


2. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)Discover a deeper meaning to your life. As an entrepreneur, it is easy to get lost in your business strategy and forget to take time for yourself. Oprah’s “Super Soul Conversations” will add a much-needed depth to your life -- and you can listen while you work. She hosts a variety of experts in fields such as personal development, wellness and spirituality, in hopes of guiding her listeners through life’s biggest questions, like “What is my purpose?,” “Why are we here?” and “How do I live a full life?” Guests such as Eckhart Tolle, Michelle Obama, Maya Angelou and Deepak Chopra will help you discover your purpose and inspire you to serve humanity at a higher level. Listen to "Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations."(opens in new tab)

3. The Savvy Psychologist(opens in new tab)

Psychology that will make you happier and healthier. It takes a lot of brain power to launch and maintain your own businesses, so it’s important to take your mental health seriously. “The Savvy Psychologist” is hosted by clinical scientist and sleep psychologist Jade Wu, who helps her listeners work through mental struggles using evidence-based research. This podcast is perfect for the busy founder who could use a few pointers to avoid psychological pitfalls and amplify productivity. Wu uses sympathetic, non-judgmental, scientific explanations to help listeners deepen their understanding of common mental processes. You’ll hear about topics such as maximizing break times, overcoming perfectionism and staying motivated when you're overwhelmed. Listen to "The Savvy Psychologist."(opens in new tab)


4. The Ultimate Health Podcast(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)Optimize your physical health. When your business comes first, it's easy to deprioritize sleep, healthy meals and gym time. This fascinating podcast is hosted by husband and wife, Jesse Chappus and Marni Wasserman. These two radically vulnerable, trailblazing health experts help listeners optimize their physical health and biological performance with contemporary methods designed to promote health and healing. With wellness tips and evidence-based analysis from experts, each episode covers a variety of health topics, including lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, self-help, sleep, meditation and spirituality.  Listen to The Ultimate Health Podcast."(opens in new tab)



5. On Purpose(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)Explore strategies to rediscover your purpose. Jay Shetty, internet personality and gratitude guru, made it his life’s mission to promote and impart wisdom to internet users across the globe. His inspirational videos, discussions and interviews compel thousands to reevaluate their behavior and change the trajectory of their lives. On the podcast, he hosts notable guests such as Dr. Oz, Arianna Huffington and Russell Brand. Shetty delves into a variety of topics relevant to entrepreneurs like actionable methods to grow your passion, dealing with rejection and cultivating self discipline. Shetty shares many spiritual life-hacks and personal experiences that help even the most discouraged person rediscover their path and realize their destiny. Listen to "On Purpose."(opens in new tab)

6. The Mastery Sessions(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)Electrify your humanity and reconnect to your potential. How does a successful lawyer -- who gave up his job in search of inner peace, then wrote a popular book based on the incident(opens in new tab) -- rise to be one of the world’s top five leadership speakers? Robin Sharma redefines individual peace in a world cluttered with distractions and consistently challenges listeners’ mindsets. This podcast helps listeners unlock their personal doorway to a better life and become whole as a result of their own internal work. Although it’s marked as “archived" on Spotify, Sharma’s podcast still reaches millions of listeners. Sharma explores topics such as avoiding distractions, goal-setting and our personal favorite, “4 Signs of a Genius Entrepreneur(opens in new tab).” Listen to "The Mastery Sessions."(opens in new tab)

7. TED Radio Hour(opens in new tab)

(opens in new tab)Innovating ideas to expand the possibilities in your life. “TED Radio Hour” is based on the popular Ted Talks and broadcasts on NPR. Guy Raz challenges listeners to think about themselves in ways that break down barriers that may hold them back from positive self-transformation. Speakers populate the studio with ideas that expand upon technology, entertainment, philosophy and more. This podcast offers pertinent advice in episodes with titles like “How To Be Better” and “Jumpstarting Creativity.” It’s no wonder so many enthusiastic movers and shakers are drawn to the engaging subject matter. Listen to "TED Radio Hour."(opens in new tab)

8. Stuff You Should Know(opens in new tab)

Deepen your curiosity for the world. Every entrepreneur deserves a break from their daily routine without compromising their value of productivity. If you’re searching for a podcast to expand your knowledge on everything from curious historical figures to ingenious products, look no further than “Stuff You Should Know.” HowStuffWorks co-hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant provide biweekly insight on how “stuff” like igloos, saunas, coral reefs, and bioluminescence “works.” These captivating discussions can disrupt mundane thought patterns, adding a much needed variety your mental routine. They also lightheartedly provide answers to questions you may have never thought of, ultimately making you a more inquisitive individual. Listen to "Stuff You Should Know."(opens in new tab)

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