The SuiteCloud Developer Network: The First Multi Vertical Ecosystem in the Cloud – Part 1

December 11, 2013

As proud as we are of the comprehensive capabilities found in NetSuite(opens in new tab), we knew from the beginning that our users would surprise us with specific feature requests and business process needs particular to their own respective businesses. Within each enterprise exists a galaxy of choices that makes each company unique, and thus requires a flexible platform that offers enhancements to meet specialized business requirements. That's why as hard as we work to make NetSuite the world's most complete enterprise solution, we have worked just as hard to create an even more comprehensive partner ecosystem, the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN). The SuiteCloud Developer Network is an incubator for innovative third-party Developers(opens in new tab), Independent Software Vendors (ISV), Systems Integrators (SI), and Solution Providers to build products (SuiteApps(opens in new tab) ) using the SuiteCloud platform(opens in new tab).

The SuiteCloud platform empowers our partners to build innovative solutions that extend NetSuite across horizontals and industry specific verticals and micro verticals. The SDN is the only true multi vertical business network in the cloud(opens in new tab), and SuiteApps run the entire gamut of industries from manufacturing to commerce to social media. Some SuiteApps provide capabilities for specific micro-verticals, such as enhanced bills of materials (BOM) management or live event promotion. Others link NetSuite with valuable, cutting-edge services, such as cloud file storage and sharing. Still others address emerging business concerns, such as complete supply chain carbon emissions tracking.

SuiteCloud thrives because of the various services and innovation that our partners offer to customers. Our SDN program emphasizes quality, and as you would expect from NetSuite we ensure that customizations and enhancements are carried forward with NetSuite version upgrades.

Following are just a few points highlighting the value of the SuiteCloud Developer Network:

  • Innovation:
    All SuiteApps have access to the full range of NetSuite functionality. This makes
    it easier for developers to extend business process and brings applications to
    market much quicker by focusing on their core competencies, rather than trying
    to reinvent the wheel.
  • Expertise
    NetSuite’s network of solution providers and system integrators have deep
    industry-specific knowledge, and are experts at delivering business process in
    the cloud.
  • Abundance:
    SDN delivers a plethora of applications to our customers, across various
    industries and verticals. This means that as your company grows and scales, the
    partnership network offers a wider range of solutions.

-Raghu Gnanasekaran, Senior Director Business Development, NetSuite

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