Sneak Peek: NetSuite OpenAir 2023 Release 2 Offers Enriched Project Center, Improved User Experience, Streamlined Continuity

Joseph Clancey, Product Marketing Specialist

September 8, 2023

Services-based organizations are always looking for ways to optimize their project delivery processes to drive higher margins and utilization. The goal is to deliver projects on time and on budget while maximizing efficiency and driving growth. This requires tools and processes that can streamline operations and improve visibility into all aspects of the project.

With NetSuite OpenAir 2023 Release 2, services organizations can improve project management processes thanks to greater visibility and flexibility in the user experience, as well as enhancements in the Project Center that help make the most out of their data. This release also advances expense visibility and adds more control over connectivity between NetSuite and OpenAir with the NetSuite Connector.  


Enriched Project Center

NetSuite OpenAir 2023 Release 2 delivers enhancements to give project and resource managers more visibility and control in service delivery. These new features let users easily manage cost and time information from a single screen. With the improvements to the Project Center view, users can switch between the actual cost of resource time spent on the project thus far and the cost of planned resource time across the project lifespan.

NetSuite 2023.2 also contains updates to the Project Center that allow you to: 

  • Obtain cost information calculated based on current and historical loaded cost rates for each resource.
  • View any cost information overrides at the project or task level.
  • Access cost information based on primary, secondary, or tertiary loaded cost rates, if using different cost levels.  


Enhancements to the Project Center improve visibility into cost information.


Improved User Experience

This release delivers new inline editing functionality from the redesigned user experience list view layout. Users can now make changes to the project record directly from the project lists view portlet where form permissions and form rules, as well as form scripts associated with the project properties, are still respected to lessen administrative workloads.

In this release, you can also:

  • Use inline editing for report names and notes for saved reports in the list view.
  • View thumbnails for attachments from the expense report and receipt list view.
  • Click a thumbnail to preview the attachment file in the attachment viewer, which now supports PDF files.
  • View feature highlights from the latest release on the redesigned support page, which includes links to training resources.


Improved user experience increases actions that can be conducted in the list view. 


Streamlined Continuity

NetSuite OpenAir 2023 Release 2 also delivers new enhancements to the OpenAir NetSuite Connector so data between OpenAir and NetSuite can be easily relayed for better solution continuity. With this release, customers can export booking records from OpenAir to NetSuite as resource allocation records using a custom export workflow to better manage resourcing and project accounting across the Suite.

2023.2 integration enhancements include the ability to:

  • Enable the auto recovery feature for credit note exports to NetSuite.
  • Restrict the synchronization to records last modified on or after a specific time.
  • Set up OpenAir to use OpenID Connect (OIDC) instead of NetSuite Outbound Single Sign-on.


Updates in 2023.2 allow users to enable the auto recovery feature for credit note exports to NetSuite.


On the Go Flexibility

With OpenAir 23.2, users can now have more flexibility in their mobile app for faster navigation. Users can personalize the OpenAir home dashboard with widgets like shortcuts to lists, summaries of recent timesheets and expense reports, and create and upload buttons. To do this, you can add or remove any of the widgets available from the widget gallery at any time. The navigation drawer can be viewed and personalized within OpenAir Mobile so you can add or change the order of menu items, an especially useful feature in prioritizing the items in your “Favorites.” 


Customization options in OpenAir Mobile allow customers to work faster on the go. 


These are just a few of the highlights in OpenAir 2023 Release 2. For more information and a full list of features and how to use them, be sure to check out the 2023 Release 2 new feature webinar(opens in new tab).

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