Sneak Peek: NetSuite OpenAir 2023 Release 1 Offers Enhanced Project Center, Improved Visibility, Streamlined Import Workflows

Joseph Clancey, Product Marketing Specialist

March 9, 2023

Delivering projects on schedule and within budget in a competitive global market can be difficult even in the best of times. In today’s market, firms must be even more nimble to support their customers while remaining profitable. Job one is to ensure accurate project information to minimize operational inefficiencies. That means limiting project planning mistakes and automating processes wherever you can.

With NetSuite OpenAir 2023 Release 1, services organizations can improve project management processes thanks to greater visibility and flexibility in the user experience and project center enhancements that help them make the best use of data. This release also advances expense visibility and adds more control over connectivity between NetSuite and OpenAir with the NetSuite Connector.  

Enhanced Project Center

NetSuite OpenAir 2023 Release 1 delivers improvements to help project and resource managers have more flexibility and visibility. The Project Center feature lets users manage project schedules and staff projects from a single screen, and with the new visual improvements to booked resources, you can now view worked hours for past periods to rate project performance against your plan, for deeper insights.

In this release with Project Center, you can also:

  • Source hours worked from logged time entries for better efficiency;
  • View total hours booked against each task and phases of the whole project to get an improved overview of planned efforts; and
  • Switch between weekly and monthly granularity to gain perspective on your project plan.

Improved Administrative Visibility

In NetSuite OpenAir 2023 Release 1, OpenAir has new drag-and-drop functionality. If the attachment file drag and drop feature is enabled, you can now add attachments to projects, expense reports, and receipts using the file drag-and-drop area.

For more visibility to attachments in OpenAir, users can:

  • View a thumbnail image for BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIFF files in the attachment drag and drop area.
  • Click on a thumbnail image to view the attachment file directly from the project, expense report or receipt form.
  • Automatically generate a thumbnail image when you add an attachment or workspace document.

Knowing how many licensed users are in OpenAir just became easier to calculate with the new Licensing feature. In this release, administrators can now view allocated licenses and the active usage in the administration module within OpenAir. This helps companies stay compliant and prevent overuse of licenses.

Companies will also receive notification emails alerting them of noncompliance.

Streamlined Integrations

NetSuite OpenAir 2023 Release 1 also delivers new custom import workflow integration enhancements to the OpenAir NetSuite Connector. With this release, you can easily relay data from NetSuite into OpenAir for better solution continuity. 

2023.1 integration enhancements include the ability to:

  • Create custom workflows to import data from NetSuite into OpenAir directly from the Mapping tab;
  • Add custom import workflows without using NetSuite saved searches;
  • Set custom workflow mappings and filters and use custom workflows in workflow groups; and
  • Run custom workflows manually, schedule automated runs, or trigger runs in your scripts, in the same way as with standard import workflows. 

These are just a few of the highlights in OpenAir 2023 Release 1. 

For more information and a full list of features and how to use them, be sure to check out the 2023 Release 1 new feature webinar(opens in new tab).

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