Sneak Peek: NetSuite OpenAir 2022 R 2 Offers Enhanced Project Center, Improved UX, More Flexible Integrations

Joseph Clancey, Product Marketing Specialist

September 13, 2022

For services organizations today, the emphasis is on improving operational efficiencies, limiting project planning mistakes and ensuring accurate information is available and easily shareable. Success with all of these requires companywide adoption of applications that everyone uses to make decisions and automate a variety of tasks.

With NetSuite OpenAir 2022 Release 2, services organizations can realize improved project management thanks to user experience and project center enhancements that help them make the very best use of resources. This release also advances reporting between NetSuite and OpenAir with the NetSuite Connector and streamlines on-the-go reporting and approvals with OpenAir Mobile.

Enhanced Project Center

NetSuite OpenAir 2022 Release 2 delivers enhancements to help project and resource managers work more efficiently. With new improvements to booked resource mapping, you can now use new visual enhancers in combination with booked resource warning indicators for deeper insights.

In this release you can:

  • Customize the resource availability indicators in the Project Center view with your own resource utilization ranges and color coding.
  • Change booked resources from within the Project Center view.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to copy multiple booking hour values.

Improved User Experience

NetSuite OpenAir 22 release 2 has a new redesigned list view and advanced filters. You can now get more out of working with list views, filters and workspace documents.

For easier filtering and seamless search functionality, you can: 

  • Add filter conditions and preview your advanced filter results before saving.
  • Filter by inactive users.
  • Arrange list views with the “expand all” and “collapse all” functions for faster clickthrough.
  • Filter through past saved filters as you type for efficient searching.
  • Choose whether to Save, Apply or do both for a filter condition.  

Flexible Integrations

NetSuite OpenAir 2022 Release 2 also brings new custom workflow integration enhancements to the OpenAir NetSuite Connector. With this release, you can create and update records in OpenAir and run the integration to export or update the corresponding records in NetSuite.

Simply select ID fields to link NetSuite and OpenAir records and create custom workflows. Once created, ID fields are protected from changes in the workflow, and users can select the synchronize option to update the list of NetSuite custom fields in the NetSuite record ID field list.

Other integration enhancements include the ability to:

  • Map project fields on Send OpenAir credit as NetSuite credit memo export workflows.
  • Speed up your integration with monitored fields for projects and user imports.
  • Simplify filter creation with the filter builder, now available for all import workflows.
  • Enable the auto recovery feature for project and customer exports.
  • Use an improved field mapping UI, including hidden required mappings.
  • Access context-sensitive help from the workflow settings form.

OpenAir Mobile

NetSuite OpenAir 2022 Release 2 also updates OpenAir Mobile to version 4.4. New automation features save time by enabling users to work more efficiently by limiting app clickthrough with shortcuts, all from the phone’s home screen.

Additional new enhancements with the OpenAir Mobile application include:

Synchronization that starts immediately when you open the OpenAir Mobile app for latest information.

A home screen shortcut to create a new timesheet or expense report before opening the app.

The ability to select and view more task details in the app, such as the ID and phase of a task.

These are just a few of the highlights in OpenAir 2022 Release 2. For more information and a full list of features and how to use them, be sure to check out the 2022 Release 2 Notes(opens in new tab) and the 2022 Release 2 new-feature webinar(opens in new tab).

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