NetSuite OpenAir 2024.1: New Shortcuts, Enhanced Searches, Fresh Mobile App

Joseph Clancey, Product Marketing Specialist

March 20, 2024

Much of services organizations' responsibilities come down to improving operational efficiencies, optimizing project delivery, limiting project planning mistakes, and ensuring information is accurate and available when needed. Doing so requires applications that can help them run and automate their operations better.

OpenAir customers receive new features and functionality twice a year to help them deliver on these goals. NetSuite OpenAir 2024 Release 1, the first new release of the year, helps services companies and teams improve project management processes thanks to greater visibility into staffing, increased flexibility in the user experience, and project center enhancements that help boost agility and make the best use of data. This release also gives your staff more ways to add time and expense entries in the mobile app.

Less clicks, more productivity with new shortcuts

This release delivers a brand-new shortcuts capability that let everyone from project managers to consultants to finance bypass lengthy navigation paths and go directly to their favorite pages in OpenAir, such as a timesheet, project center tab, or new record form. From the OpenAir toolbar, users can organize shortcuts and navigate to any page with a single click for faster and easier access. This release includes more than 50 navigation shortcuts, and more will be added in the coming releases to drive added efficiency and productivity.

Your team can use shortcuts to:

  • Organize their activities across multiple projects, for example by linking to a current timesheet that they must update regularly.
  • Highlight and focus on the tasks relevant to a project manager, such as their in-progress projects.
  • Direct to your favorite pages inside and outside OpenAir from anywhere in the solution.
  • Add shortcuts to any page in OpenAir, including new record forms and specific tabs within specific records.
Users can now add shortcuts to any page in OpenAir for faster and easier navigation. 

Added resource controls in Project Center

The OpenAir Project Center, which has received numerous new capabilities over the last few years, gives project managers the tools to manage their resource and project plans from a single place. NetSuite OpenAir 2024 Release 1 delivers new features to give project and resource managers more control over resource booking searches. These new enhancements let users search for new or swap already booked resources directly from the Project Center screen. The resource search in Project Center provides a view that includes not only data about the resource itself but also a color-coded view of their current workload so you can spread the workload appropriately among all staff and avoid overloading people.

Updates to the Project Center in this release within also let you:

  • Search for resources either on the project level or dive deeper and trigger the search on a task level.
  • Search all existing active resource profiles for availability and the desired job code to save time. 
  • Review all existing bookings to other projects for candidates to other projects so you can make more educated decisions based on priority.
  • Scroll horizontally to navigate easily through your project timeline.
NetSuite 2024.1 provides a better resource search experience in the Project Center.

Do more on the go 

OpenAir 2024.1 also marks the release of a new version of the OpenAir mobile app. Users can now draft time and expenses in the Draft inbox to organize and track time and expenses even when not connected to the internet. When your staff is ready to complete timesheets or expense reports, they can pull in these time entry and receipt form drafts as well as drag time entry drafts to your timecard or add receipt drafts to expense reports.

These are just a few of the highlights in OpenAir 2024 Release 1. For more information and a full list of features and how to use them, be sure to check out the OpenAir 2024 Release 1 Preview webinar(opens in new tab).

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